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[BFG] crabking's Fleets (Corsair Eldar finished)

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Hello fellow fleet commanders,

after playing my scratchbuilt Tyranid fleet for a couple of years now, I finally managed to paint some of the ships from my lead pile. It all began, when I was visiting my FLGS to buy some Contrast Paints. Iyanden Yellow... Iyanden would be a perfect fluffy enemy for my existing Tyranid fleet. It let me ponder, wether it was possible to quickly paint BFG ships. Well it is.

I started with two 3D printed Wraithships and 4 Shadowhunter escorts.

Then you see another squadron of Shadowhunters.

The third and fourth Wraitship, on this image you can compare a 3D printed ship versus an original.

And finally I painted the Dragonship and the Flame of Asuryan at last. All in all I managed to finish the whole fleet in 10 days.

After finishing my Craftworld Eldar I started to paint their corsair cousins. The first ships are Nightshade Destroyers.

Looking excellent so far!   :) :)

Looks good. Nice and bright colours.

Thanks mates  ;D

I finished the remaining escorts today. 2 Aconite frigates and 3 Hemlock destroyers. Capital ships are next.


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