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Author Topic: Rampant Stars: Battle Report- Operation Hemlock II  (Read 272 times)

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Rampant Stars: Battle Report- Operation Hemlock II
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Today we will be playing a game of Rampant Stars set in the Operation: Hemlock setting I devised for the Warhammer 40K universe, but not using 40K rules. 

The Ork migrations to the Deff Islands had caused them to naturally overflow from the Green Zone. As a result, Ork mobs began to make land fall on Baron's Rest. At first, in a series of skirmishes, the PDF forces near Camp Hope(Less) were pushed back, and the refugees were evacuated deeper into Imperial territory. In their place, PDF Troopers from Taskforce: Sword moved into the camp.

With their initial advances successful, the Orks gleefully pushed forward looking for loot and slaves. Forward elements involved fast moving truk and buggy mounted boyz. They raced tot eh entrances of Camp Hope (Less) in an attempt to break through the human defenses and blast past them. However, PDF mobile elements were ready to meet them.

Rampant Stars uses a a random mission generation system rolling a 2d6. Today we got, Forced Entry as the Orks try to blast their way into a side entrance into Camp Hope(Less).

However, missions also have complications and locations. These can also be randomly chosen or picked. Today we picked: Heat and Dessert/Ice World to match the setting of Operation: Hemlock.

This will impact the play of the game Heat reduces the number of times you can Move/Double Time in a row.

The board will be a 6 by 4 board for today's battle. The terrain was placed relatively randomly across the center of the board. The gates to the camp were placed in the center of the PDF board.

The PDF placed across their side of the board the Helga mounted Squad of 10, then the Flat Bed Helga with 5 was in the gates. Next was the Helga APC command squad. The final unit was the Ragnarok battle tank to anchor the right flank behind the power station. The Orks had the Kartz on their left, then the Stomperz, then the Speederz, Trukkerz, and Bikerz.

Of course, you can read all about it on the blog:
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