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Author Topic: Does anybody still have the old BFG:R rules that Plaxor began?  (Read 232 times)

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Though this recent bout of navel*-gazing may bring despair to those who lament the slow activity of this forum in modern times, it is a sign of life, at least!

I have recently been re-reading some of the old discussions that led to the creation of the BFG:R project (which is now represented by BFG:XR, of course), and several of the discussions make reference to Plaxorís document of modified rules. I foolishly never retrieved a copy for myself and they are long-gone from their hosting platform. Does anybody have a copy?

Note that Iím not talking about the fleet list rules, but rather the main rulebook modifications (things like fighter attack craft all getting a 4+ save). Most of these were dropped from the BFG:R project when AfterimageDan took over and the focus changed.

There is a document up on Scribd, but it seems much more incomplete than some of the versions Plaxor once had.

* at least the puns are appropriate!

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Re: Does anybody still have the old BFG:R rules that Plaxor began?
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found the later bfg:xr on my laptop. Will have to search my older laptop when i'm back at home next week.