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Dwarven fortress

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marell le fou:
I have been working on this fortress for few weeks and forgot to publish y stuff here.

I have started from the 28 mm "Dwarven Stronghold" GW scenery.

I have removed the rocks to give some place for a gate.

Prepared two emplacements for canons on the left and right.

Prepared the main stair.

Added a door and sculpted the floor.

Changed the 28 mm door for a round 10 mm gate.

Added floors on the walls.

Cut down the base of the scenery at the gate level.

Too add a piece of solid foam to have more place.

Prepared some pavements for the circular wall floor.

And glued them.

Added a small platform on top of the inner round gate.

Started to work on the gate...

And decided there was enough place for two gates and new walls !

Cut down en balcony on the rear.

Transformed the top floor on a gyrocopter area.

Added stairways everywhere i could.

Went for round massive dwarvish protection on top of walls.

And massive dwarvish crenels.

And went on with them... At the same time than preparing new walls.

It was long but i'm happy of the walls aspect.

Modified the inner stair. It looked too big compared to the newly sculpted ones.

Negan to work on the first gate.

And decided the second one should be crown by original stone, as if the dwarves had decided to let it as is on purpose. To honour the mountain.

Crenels again...

Fortification above the main gate.

And crenels, again. I'm now expert in cutting them :)

Addition of small decorations (molded Kharardron shoulder pads).

Addition of reinforts on main tower.

And finaly working on the idea to add a tower on the left.

Happy to have reactions and ideas if you feel it :)

That looks great.

Awesome build!

wonderful, great to see attention to that old piece, i remember it from white dwarf

Oh wow this looks wonderful!


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