November 13, 2019, 06:41:30 AM

Author Topic: [ebay] Blood Bowl 2nd edition Chaos & Werewolf (and lots of WFB3/4, RT stuff)  (Read 303 times)

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More ebay auctions going on right now:

Here's what I have on at the moment:

WFB4 High elves and goblins
Bits from the 1987 Warhammer Fantasy Regiments box
Talisman Timescape miniatures
Pygmies (ugh.. hate these models)
RT Ratling snipers
RT Space Orks (plastic) and metal Runt Herds and Mek
Marauder Chimera
Marauder Ogre
80s Chaos Hounds
WFB4 Saurus
BB 2nd edition - Chaos players and Wilhem Chaney
Chaos Renegade with heavy weapon
And some other stuff...