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Rampant Stars: Mecha Battle
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On the wooded planet of Mundos, the mercenary company of Polanski’s Lancers had been contracted by Lacstar Incorporated to disrupt the operations of their rival firm.  The Lancers had limited success in their efforts.  However, incomplete intel provided by Lacstar made operations difficult.  The CEO of the Lancers decided to perform a recon in force to try to explore and more completely map Mundos to help plan appropriate operations to meet their contractual obligations.
Of course, Volsaab Incorporated did not want their operations disrupted.  They contracted out with the Rose Guard as general site protection.  Once the activity by Lacstar surfaced, they contracted out with Thor’s Hammers to provide additional punch on Mundos.  The two CEOs would have preferred the contracts for their respective merc companies, but a shared contract was better than no contract.

Electronic snooping and surveillance tipped the two allied Merc groups to the 14th Uhlans of Polanski’s Lancers activity.  They managed to deploy to counter their reconnaissance efforts.  The Rose Guard and Thor’s Hammers objectives were to deny the vital information to their enemies and destroy as many of them in the field as possible. 

It was InternationalTabletop Game Day, and my family decided to celebrate with some tabletop gaming!  I was as surprised as the next reader of the blog was.  To that end, I had to come up with a game for us to play and right quick!  With that, I pulled out some old sheets I had made to use Battletech models for games of Rampant Stars.  I fluffed out a few additional units, and in a few short minutes we were ready to play with my wife and daughter teamed up against me.  I think we all know how this is going to turn out all ready!

I am not going to go over them completely, but on Team: Family they had 8 Mecha.  For the most part, they were classed as Irregular Infantry with their Command mechs as Regulars.  They all were up armored to armor 2, with the Dragon and Cyclops up armored to armor 3.  Two had the either Rapid Fire or Armor Piercing Upgrades.  Then, the Hunchback had a Heavy Weapons upgrade to make it the most powerful weapon system on the board.

On my side, I had about 10 mechs.  They were all Regular Infantry.  I had three light mechs that were not up-armored, but had rapid movement.  I had 3 mechs with rapid-fire or Armor Piercing upgrades.  The rest were line mechs with armor upgrades to 2, and I had 1 mecha that was up armored to 3 armor points.

We randomly rolled up the “explore” mission.  This means there were 6 tokens scattered across the board.  You could collect a token by getting a model within 1 inch of it.  Once collected, it was removed and placed on the players’ side of the board.  The team with the most tokens would win.

We played on a 4x4 board.  The edge of the board was a river with brush on the shoreline.  The opposite side of the board had a large forest with jagged rocks projecting out into the board’s center.  This made a bit of a clear valley between the river and the forest.  The markers were placed at various random points along the center line.

I placed a couple of light mechs near the edge of the forest to rush in and try to grab the objectives there.  The center was my heavier mechs, led by my assault mech with the best armor.  He was going to take the hits while a light mech got ready to dodge beyond and grab objectives.

My opponent set up with one of their command mecha to go into the woods supported by the Hunchback.  The rest were going to storm across the center and shoot me to pieces.

You can see how it all turned out on the blog:
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