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Hidden gem ships

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After a year-long hiatus, today we had a 6 player game (3v3, 600 pts each player).
I had never before tried the Murder and Hades, because I was really scared of not having prow weapons in multiple arcs.
I brought 2 Murder in a squadron and a Hades and I'm loving these things! The lances suppressed a battlebarge and the weapons batteries felled Eldar in the meantime. I think I will change the mainstay of my fleet, which up to now have been two Inferno with the side lances and an Acheron...

Do you have a class of ship you eschewed at first, but "discovered" later on and swear by?
I'd like to hear some BFG stories!

A latecomer to the 2 Murder/Hades combo myself. My main opponent and I both used to laugh at the Murder, not so funny now!:)

The ship I really came to like was the Explorer. When I first saw the stats (and most of the Kor'Vattra) I wrote them off. Years later when I won a Tau fleet on Ebay that came with 3 Explorers, I only painted one up because I needed it as a minimum above 750pts. After a few games it became apparent it had the best ordnance-to-points ratio in the game and became a staple in the fleet. I quickly painted up the other two! The sheer wall of AC/torps is horrifying,and 750pt 3 Explorer fleet is a beast for low-point games.

The MMH combo is a classic one and the prow on long range gunnery is just excellent.

The CCC combi is better at circling broadsides.

Looks like someone found the old "Power Drill" tactic from yesteryear.

It's a great squadron, but it is expensive. You will need to focus the heart of your fleet in the formation, and it makes you weak on ordnance.

If you want real hidden gems, play with a squadron of six nicassar dhows. Laugh as your enemy has problems killing a two shield escort with 180 degree turns, 3 port AND starboard batteries each, and a kickass little mini


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