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Author Topic: Saving old gw paints that have got all dried out.  (Read 930 times)

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Saving old gw paints that have got all dried out.
« on: August 02, 2018, 04:45:55 PM »
Ok we've had a real heatwave in the UK this year and I discovered some sad paint in my collection (some out of production) that needed replacing so I tried my hand at using tamiya's acrylic thinners to revive a few of my old citadel colours. A stir with a stick, throw in a 4.5mm steel bb. Give it a shake....and done.
It does +/- work but there are issues. Some I thinned from cream cheese to milk consistency and in just under an hour later they're on their way back. Currently at custard...

Others are just fine. The layer paints cope well. Foundation/base paints go a bit wanky. Either splitting up featuring bits in the mix or simply going all cheesy again over a short time... Others depends on the colour or original consistency, Some end up waxy. Others gain a varnish like consistancy, skinning whilst drying making them a cowson to manipulate as easily... I just thought I'd share my findings to help potential questions and to see if any of you have any similar stories or suggestions to share..?

In the end I'm happy with the results really as I've saved over forty quids worth of paint (that needed to be replaced) with half a bottle of tamyia thinner that cost less than six quid so. Meh it's worth a go... Worth noting that my old paint from the eighties and early nineties is still fine without this treatment at all... Interesting... ???
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