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Are casualties removed before or after retreats?


I'm sure i've missed something obvious, but are casualties removed before or after retreats?

This is significant if multiple enemy units are engaged, when the retreat distance is divided by the number of units. So if the units are removed before the retreat, it can make a big difference.

e.g. 2 brigaded units are combat and lose by 7, with one unit being wiped out. Does the surviving unit retreat 7cm? or 4 (3.5)cm because it is divide by 2, even though 1 unit was killed?

(also just posted some shooting questions here: http://www.forum.specialist-arms.com/index.php?topic=9048.0
for WMR too, if anyone has ideas!)

From Retreats and Pursuits under Resolving Multiple Combats (man, even the headings are named poorly).

--- Quote ---The distance moved is the difference between
the number of hits scored divided by the number of
units on the losing side including any units removed
as casualties
--- End quote ---

nice and simple, cheers for clearing that up!

We'd been doing that anyway, but I couldn't find it in the rules again when I came back to it after a month :p


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