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[WM] furtive warmastering

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been very slowly starting a small high elf force. Not that i play warmaster, nono, no new scales for me, er

The distressing thing is how few points that is. Seems WM is a game with a surprisingly high mini count

probably reavers next, while i track down some helms, although i'm not really looking forward to doing horses

marell le fou:
Hey, you did well  if it's the first time you paint Wm stuff. This army is really nice ! Do you have adversaries ?

It is a small point count, but your characters will range from 350 to 530 without upgrades in a 2k. Lots of points for 3-5 stands/models.

Great painting.

Excellent painting. I wouldn't worry too much about points- Elves will eat them up in no time once you start getting into fancier things  :P

thanks chaps.  Yes, first warmaster, but I paint a lot of 6mm. Finding 10mm significantly harder.
(Or at least first since I painted a BOFA Smaug in 2005 … he may become a dragon rider for this force)

I do not have adversaries, only been playing online. So far for warmaster I've picked up about 500pts of dwarf and empire bits and have about 1000pt in high elves now (+my old unloved BOFA box set contents that I never used). Looking to expand elves to 1500 and then ideally start a demon army. Plenty of sculpting and conversion options for nurgle, but doubt ill ever actually get round to them!


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