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new player question on pursuit/supporting pursuit positioning

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afternoon all,

Been muddling my way through warmaster (using revolutions) with a friend online and have a question about pursuit positioning.

I'm assuming that supporting units can pursue due to 'Units are automatically included in any combat engagement where they support.' on p44 and due to supporting pursuits being a thing.

Red charge some blue archers with a unit in support (1), they win the round, forcing the archers to retreat (2).
Red pursue, but what is the correct positioning of the supporting unit in pursuit, given that two of the supporting stands can see the enemy (so are presumably not limited to just staying in support)? 3a, 3b, 3c?

3a seems ugly as it breaks up the stands of the unit
3b seems more practical but less agressive
3c might also make sense as you seem to be able to be generous with enveloping flank/rear in pursuit, but the rear of the target unit was not in line of sight to any of the pursuers (the unit was, the rear of the unit was not, does that matter?). 3c also involves the middle supporting stand moving into direct contact with an enemy it could not see, but im not sure if this line of sight matters at a stand or unit level.

help appreciated! sorry if im missing the obvious, finding some parts of the WM rules on charge positioning a bit opaque.

3a is illegal as you cannot split a unit. 3b and c are both legal. Stands that can pursu directly forward have to do so, rest can be positioned as desired so long it it is within movement range.

Is the moment range during pursuit not unlimited?


--- Quote from: Ole on April 03, 2018, 07:41:25 AM ---Is the moment range during pursuit not unlimited?

--- End quote ---
In Vanilla yes, in WMR no.

It is, not sure about WMR though.

Has support pursuing caused any balance issues? It seems pretty powerful to allow support to charge the enemy and potentially wrap 2/3 of the way around a unit, blocking off their retreat route.


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