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Gotch ya' spell question

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So spells can only have 1 target, but this spell affects all units under a 30cm line.  Can multiple orc shamans cast thing with the same unit under each line in a single shooting phase?

And just to make sure, can only 1 Waaaagh spell be cast on any 1 unit, so that an orc player cannot cast the spell on a unit of orc warriors multiple times?

iirc a unit can be affected by a certain spell only once per shooting phase.

I think the 'target' for Gotcha is the casting Shaman- if successful you draw the line from them and resolve its effects.

Aldhick is right though- no unit can ever suffer/benefit from the same spell twice in a magic phase. If a unit has already been affected by Gotcha (even if taking no hits) then any subsequent Gotcha spells that turn ignore that unit. Your line can pass over it, but you don't roll for more damage or drive back. Similarly for Waaagh- once it has been successfully cast the unit can't be affected again. I guess you could technically target it and try to cast the spell again, but there'd be no reason to- nothing would happen if you succeeded.

that makes better sense.  I wanted to try using an "X" pattern with my orc and goblin shaman's just over the weekend and realized the problem with the overlapping lines, I got them both off but had to drastically change my strategy after realizing the double target units.

So the spell could still be casted and draw a line over units from a previous spell but you just ignore the unit when rolling for hits.....makes sense.

Thank you all.

But are spells affected by changes to the hit roll? example: Hail of Destruction (High Elf), Warp Lighting (Skaven), Ball of Flame (Empire), Fury in the forest (Wood Elf) etc ... Thanks



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