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Author Topic: Have [NM] Necromunda teams [BB] Chaos Dwarfs : Want: Cash [WM] Lizards, Chaos  (Read 622 times)

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Hi there,
doing a bit of a clean up and want to get rid of some Necromunda stuff (Van Saar gang, House Orlock, Ratskins, Wyrd, Pit fighters) and a Chaos Dwarf Bloodbowl team.

Looking for cash or trade, it's all the same to me but i don't really know what the teams are worth so make me an offer.
If you want to trade all i can use is WM Lizardmen (mainly, skinks, terradons, cold one riders, stegadon, slann the one on the floating rock) WM Chaos (mainly, warriors, hounds, characters, furies, trolls, ogres) or prehaps some Warhammer Ogre Kingdom maneaters, Yhetees, Hunter.

Here are pictures of the models i want to sell or trade

House Orlock
6 juvies, 4 gangers, 3 heavies, 1 leader

Van Saar
6 juvies, 4 gangers (one with broken feet), 2 heavies, 1 leader

1 juvie, 4 gangers, 2 leaders

2 Wyrds, 2 Pit fighters (one arm missing)

Chaos Dwarf BB team (17 players)

1 Minotaur, 2 Bull centaurs, 6 Chaos dwarfs, 8 Hobgoblins