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Author Topic: Aquanautica Imperialis: Battle- Sea Swarm vs. PDF  (Read 1193 times)

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Aquanautica Imperialis: Battle- Sea Swarm vs. PDF
« on: October 23, 2017, 07:07:37 PM »
The Tyranid Fleet was one of the first ones I sculpted.  I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to approach it after struggling with the Ammoriss Naval PDF.  I had learned a few tricks of the trade and as I got better at sculpting I learned that the organic shapes of the Tyranids were actually easier to make then the hard edges of the Imperium.

This was also one of the first forces were I tried using simple push molds and Resin casting.  Overall, I was not super pleased with the results, but as you see the fleet in battle check to see if you can find the recasts.

Despite being one of the first fleets I had built, this will be the first time I have used it on the board.  I have no idea how it will play since I never even used it in Template form.  This should be interesting!

You can find all the rules and stuff to try it for yourself here:

The Forces:
Ammoriss Naval PDF
AN Sovereign
Reliable Class Cruiser- 250 Points

Harpoon Squadron 486 Alpha
2 Constant Class Escorts- 150 Points

Dagger Squadron 245 Beta
2 Assured Class Escorts- 100 Points

Total= 500 Points

Tyranid Sea Swarm
3 Atrocities- 120 Points

2 Abominations- 90 Points
-          Scything Talons

2 Adherrations- 150 Points
-          Submerge

1 Gruesome- 255 Points
-          Scything Talons
-          Synapse Link

Total= 615 Points

Todayís scenario is an Ambush mission.  In this situation, the Tyranids are using the Atrocities to lure the Human prey into chasing them into the remainder of the Sea Swarm.  The bulk of the Sea Swarm is deployed off table and in reserve.  The trick for the Ammoriss Naval PDF will be to destroy the Atrocities before being driven off by the rest of the Tyranid fleet.

Local fishing ships near the Alset Range had been disappearing and the locals reported it to NavComm North.  In these dark times, such reports had to be taken seriously and followed up on.  Taskforce: Divine Light had been sent to scout the area and destroy any potential threats.  NavComm feared pirates or Orks. 

Upon arriving on station, the officers began to receive troubling reports of sea monsters.  At first, it was hard to take them seriously.  However, when they were reported to the NavComm Office of Strategic Intelligence liaison the blanching of his face had to be taken seriously.

In a private meeting with the Captain, XO, and Squadron Commanders the Liaison briefed them on the threat they faced.  After hearing about the Tyranid menace and the true danger it posed the other officers took the fishermanís tales very, very seriously.

A few days later, the watch officer aboard the Sovereign reported a sighting.  The flotilla changed course and gave chase.  Their spotters were able to confirm the worst as they closed in.  The Tyranids were active off the shores of North Ammoriss.


This battle will be played on a 4x4 table.  A large island is to the center north.  The Tyranidís are in the center of the board per the scenario.  They are headed east.  The PDF are on the west side of the board along the board edge.

You can read all the gory details and see the final outcome at my blog:
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