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Maybe this is an old question but I have just started making an O&G army so first time learning the rules for a giant…..
On the giant goes wild table, it seems like they suggest that a giant can see past friendly units due to the fact that giants may need to go through friendlies to get to the nearest enemy unit in sight.  The friendly unit should be blocking LOS so this situation should not ever happen.  So my train of thought is below

Can the giant see over friendlies?  Can enemy cannon shoot “overhead” at giants like a siege tower?
Can Elf Dragons see over friendlies?  Can enemy cannon shoot “overhead” at dragons like a siege tower?  Can Dragons see over friendlies to “shoot overhead” at enemies?
Can Chaos dragon riding heroes join a unit in the back and “shoot overhead” at enemies?

Thank you all

I think the "seeing over" thing is exclusive to that particular result, the suggestion being that he barges through to get to the enemy.

Warmaster is very much a game that favours broad rules and simplicity.  I think that artillery on a hill are the only units that can shoot over friendlies.

As for dragons joining a unit and shooting - they can still shoot I think but still shouldn't be able to shoot "through" or over their own men.

Reading non-written rules between the lines is not the most effective way to go :-) . Just follow RAW and you won't get in trouble :-)  The giant thing is a specific rule for the particular roll on the particular table. Nothing more.

Oh shucks, I know.....just wishful happy thinking based on a giants LOS  :P

thank you.  Now I know not to even think about it  ha

just an update.
finally played 1k point revolution game and my goblin hero ordered the giant twice to move to the flank of a line of high elf archers then failed the third order to see what he would do.....he charged the enemy flank.

so the giant ran almost 60cm in one turn and upon reaching the high elf archers, fell flat on his face and out of breathe.  1 hit from 10 attacks, in open ground (4+ rolls).  :)


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