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Author Topic: [WM] Empire, High Elves and everything else. Oh my! (Doomkitten paints, ish).  (Read 763 times)

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Right, so while I've done the odd 6mm/Epic stuff here and there (though never to a standard worth showing off) I've never done 10mm before. Having been slowly building up to a moment of inspiration over many years since first gazing longingly at Warmaster when I was but a wee (ish) 20-something, I've cobbled little bits and pieces together over the years but left them quietly in their blisters in a drawer.  The final straw was Dave's excellent Warmonger minis, combined with all the magnificent armies that everyone here has put on display.

This thread is a catch-all for my progress and experimentation. Buildings, units, who knows what else might crop up here - there may even be some 6mm "Warmaster" stuff appear from other ranges, depending on what I can get my local chaps into.

It's not painted, it's not even based, but as no post is complete without pictures, included is the first unit of my "Sons of Solland" Empire/Mercenary army arrayed and ready for priming (egads, I need to work on picture taking, or just not expect my phone to be any good).  I plan to paint up my first 1000 points in yellow and white because, not only are they the old colours of the Sollander state troops, they're also the most annoying colours to paint so, naturally, having never done anything in this scale I wanted to punish myself.

Is it wrong that I'm already wondering how the second 1000-point batallion should be coloured?