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Force organization limitations..


Is anyone trying limiting availability of cavalry to avoid spammage? For example maybe having High Elves be -/3, or -/4 for their Cavalry? (I haven't looked at the other armies yet)..

Besides forcing more list variation, I'm guessing that fluff-wise, infantry would be easier to muster than cavalry.

In the rules committee we were discussing this matter and we were not able to reach a consensus. However I have ever seen all-cav army used only by Barry once on a tournamnet (and later on in the podcast video battle report). He did it on purpose to try to push the limits and he ended up last on that tournament. So it is obviously not does-all-the-work-for-you army. And if you are looking for variety in the list, you don't need rules to push you into it I recon. 

the all dragon/eagle army i tried in the tourney before suffered the same way as Barry - a convincing last,
with the support rules in WMR and WMA cav aren't too powerful especially in ancients where the shock cav cost a bit more


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