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Author Topic: Space Marine Table vs. Convoy Points Value  (Read 1131 times)

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Space Marine Table vs. Convoy Points Value
« on: May 12, 2017, 03:48:06 AM »
Yes, another Convoy question.

I know, Convoy breaks everything.  However, it's a 5-6 on the Raids table, meaning that 1/3 of all Raids are Convoy missions.

An Imperial Navy player in a campaign spends an appeal to roll on the Space Marine table, rolls a "5" and is entitled to a roll on the table.  He rolls "11" which is: In your next game, your opponent reduces their Fleet points value by D6x30pts.  He rolls a D6 and gets a 5, meaning his next opponent will be down by 150pts.

Next week, he attacks another player.  They roll for orders, and are forced to play Convoy.  They agree on a 300pt game so that there are 6 transports.  However, reducing his fleet to 150 would entitle him to only 2 transports.  Worse, reducing his fleet value would reduce the number of rolls the Attacker gets on the Convoy Attacker table.

How should the players handle this odd situation?

1. The defender makes a "300pt" list that only contains 150pts.  They would be entitled to the 6 transports as normal, and the attacker would get D3+3 rolls on the Convoy Attacker table.

2. RAW the Defender gets 150 points, 2 transports, and the attacker gets D3+1 rolls.  Eat it.  The galaxy is an uncaring place and you will not be missed...

3. HOUSE RULE: The Arbitrator should step in, and offer the Attacker the option to delay the Space Marine table effect by one Tournament turn, so they would not be hindered by it.

I think option 1 would be best because the Imperial Navy player spent an appeal, rolled a 5+, then rolled an 11 which is hard.  They deserve a bonus for that rare feat.  Option 3 is also fair, but not in the rules.  Thoughts?

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Re: Space Marine Table vs. Convoy Points Value
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2017, 08:36:19 AM »
I'd probably be fine with Option 3, as campaign stuff is more like guidelines as opposed to hardcore rules. That said, I think Option 1 would be the correct reading of the interaction (insofar as making the rules work properly).

In particular, a strict reading of the Convoy scenario "Forces" section indicates that the points value is determined by the size of the convoy, not the other way around. (In essence, the players that roll Convoy should actually choose a convoy size rather than a points limit, although practically speaking this is usually not an issue). So the process with the Space Marine Appeal would work like this, AFAIK:

> IN player earns the appeal result.
> Players determine the next mission = Convoy.
> Players agree on a number of transports in the convoy.
> Defender gets 100pts x half the convoy size.
> Appeal triggers, so the defender reduces their overall points limit by 150.
> Attacker gets D3+N rolls, where N = half the number of transports.

Which gives us the outcome described in Option 1.
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Re: Space Marine Table vs. Convoy Points Value
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2017, 09:14:06 AM »
As said : the campaign pages in the book are more a guideline then rules set in stone. So feel free to adapt to whatever you and your group thinks will work out best.
A campaign needs a story so think from that perspective. ;)