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Author Topic: Thoughts on the Frostgrave Supplements  (Read 1026 times)

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Thoughts on the Frostgrave Supplements
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Frostgrave is a fantasy warband skirmish game with a strong campaign element.  I reviewedit early in this year for the blog.  This game has generated the most supplements of all of the games that Osprey has produced on their own.  Force-on-Force and Bolt Action have generated more, but they were a joint effort with other gaming companies; Ambush Alley and Warlord respectively.  I have no idea about sales but based on publications Frostgrave might be their most successful game yet.

This review will look at the following supplements for Frostgrave; The Thaw of the Liche Lord, Into the Breeding Pits, Forgotten Pacts, and Frostgrave Folio.  Since these are all supplements to the main book the review structure here is going to be a little different.  I will not be going over what I like or do not like about each book as I normally do.  Instead, I will just touch on a few highlights of each one.  There is not really enough content in each book to cover it in-depth individually without giving it all away.

Read them all here:
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