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Author Topic: Review: Tomorrow's War/Force-on-Force- Osprey/Ambush Alley  (Read 863 times)

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Review: Tomorrow's War/Force-on-Force- Osprey/Ambush Alley
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I have a new review up for the day! 

When Osprey was first entering into the game publishing business, they didn’t try to do it alone.  Instead, they struck a deal with Ambush Alley games to publish some of their core rulebooks.  The details are inconsequential and since I believe the two have parted ways.  What is of note is that a series of rulebooks for Modern warfare and a rulebook for Sci-fi were released.  Both were hardback books and Force-on-Force even got a series of campaign specific soft-back books as supplements.

For me personally, these were incredibly important works.  I had been starting to move around beyond the usual players in the wargaming world and was looking for something different.  I found these two works and immediately realized I had found that something.  Around the same time I also found Stargrunt and Dirtside II as well.  As you can imagine, finding all of these new realms of sci-fi possibility was very eye-opening to me.

On reflection, I see these games as having a shared philosophy or lineage in design; a lineage that tried to extrapolate the challenges of Modern/post-Korean War to the tabletop.  I can’t speak to how accurate they are in that task.  They all force you to take a different approach to how you play a game than other popular game approaches. 

Tomorrow’s War and Force-on-Force use the same base rules to accomplish their core game play.  Therefore, I am combining them into a single review.  As needed I will call out differentiation when needed.  I have read some people complain about the opacity of these rulesets but I find the way they are built stacks nicely together as you slowly layer on capabilities as you go.  Since I mostly use them for Infantry on Infantry actions I had no real issues using them.

More at me ole' blog....

I have also set up a sample game using old Micro Machines Stormtroopers vs. Rebels using Tomorrow's War.  I will have that in the next few weeks. 
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