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Men of Bronze- The Corinthian War
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I have been a member of the forum for a long time, but mostly poking around the Aeronautica Imperialis side of things.  I never really ventured into these parts before! 

I have been toying around and building a ruleset for use in Classical Greece.  The work has been inspired by a number of sources, but primarily Mr. Mersey's "Rampant" series.  Since I am still playtesting the rules, i don;t want to invest to heavily in the models yet, but would love for others to give them a try and let me know where they need tightening.     

Men of Bronze- The Corinthian War

The Corinthian War was a conflict between the city-states of Sparta and a coalition of rival states that lasted from 395BC to 387 BC.  The alliance included Thebes, Athens, Argos and Corinth.  The alliance was displeased with Sparta’s aggressive expansionism in Ionian, and Greece.  The majority of the conflict on land revolved around major battles near Thebes and Corinth.

The Battle below is between Sparta and the Corinthian allies.  Many of the battles were recorded by Greek historians, but today’s has been lost to the shrouded mists of time.  This battle takes place after the battle of Nemea, but before the sea battle of Cridus.  An “Alliance” army composed of the survivors of the Battle of Nemea is trying to face down the approaching Spartans and their allies and check their successes on land.

The Forces

2 Drilled Hoplites              20 pts
1 Militia Hoplite                  8 pts
1 Psiloi                                 2 Pts
1 Archers                             4 Pts
1 Peltast                               4 Pts
-Total                    38 Points

2 Elite Hoplites                 24 Pts
1 Drilled Hoplites              10 Pts
2 Psiloi                                 4 Pts
-Total                    38 Points

On the north side the Corinthians have deployed to do battle.  On their left flank are the Peltasts, then the Militia Hoplites in open order.  Next comes a  Drilled Hoplites unit in Phalanx formation.  Then comes the Cretan archers followed by another unit of Drilled Hoplites formed up in a phalanx.  The right flank is anchored by Psiloi unit in open order.

The Spartans have drawn up on the south side of the valley.  On their left flank they have deployed a Psiloi unit of helots.  This is followed up by an allied Perikoi unit of drilled Hoplites in phalanx.  Next to them were the elite Spartans themselves, drawn up in a phalanx formation.  The right flank was anchored by another unit of Psiloi helots.

The north and south sides of the valley have some rocky outcroppings.  On the west side is a grove of trees that separates the Corinthian Peltasts from the Spartan Psiloi.  The rest of the valley is open ground.

 Of note is that both sides are made up of paper stand-up models for the armies.  They are also carbon copies of the sample armies found in the Men of Bronze book for the represented forces.

This is a pitched battle.  Each side is attempting to collapse the enemy army.

Let us begin!
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