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those who know of me on resin addict forums have seen all this before but I figured it was high time a put it on display hither as well:

anyway here is a very old ship of mine:

and a newer image here:

and here is an insane creation I made out of junk and bitz!

this is the Armitage class station. this one is called Fort Hammond and features a lot of detail! the Idea behind this was to make a station that was +/- half gw space station and half fw ramilies, sort of a full imperial design that's the size and effect of a blackstone (when under imperial control)
here are the rules for it:

ARMITAGE CLASS SPACE STATION  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  500 pts

Originally designed on the forgeworld of Voss, the Armitage class station was an attempt to fill the void created by the loss of the blackstone fortresses at the end of the Gothic war. (Three being taken over by Abaddon's forces and the remaining three under imperial control self-destructing.)
As such the Armitage class is releatively comparable in statistics to that of the Blackstones (when under imperial control). The Adeptus Mechanicus Magos took cues from other imperial designs, namely the standard station STC's and the Ramilies starfort designs, taking the opportunity to add port and starbord docking rigs and an extensive battery of torpedo silos. The resulting station design, being much more martial than commercial, is still quite a step down from a Ramiles in its defensive/offensive capabilities but there is safety in knowing that the ease in which Abaddon was able to mysteriously circumvent the arcane power source of the Blackstones is not the case regarding the Armitage...

Fort Hammond
Station Deva

due to the design of the station being among the very newest work from the Voss Forgeworld, the Armitage is available only to imperial navy or space marine forces


Armitage class stations are considered to have an inexhaustible supply of torpedoes and as such never run out.

Friendly ships in contact with the armitage station can halt their movement as if they were in a gravity well. If they wish to turn they can use Burn Retros special orders without first taking a command check to do so. If a ship is in contact with either the port or starboard  docking arms it can fully dock. whilst fully docked the ship gains an extra four dice when rolling for damage control during a battle and can restock ordnance if it has run out remaining in contact with the docking arm and successfully using Reload Ordnance special orders for two consecutive turns, being reloaded on the third. Even whilst docked the ship must be targeted and attacked separately from the station but counts as being in close formation with the station for massed turret fire.

also you can see Ive painted an orbital defence platform to go with it. I call this the mckay class. its created out of two kartcher pressure washer valves and and inner-part of a garden sprinkler

A bit of stuff from shapeways here, by the talented Junith. with his take on the voss escort 'falchion', the 'schimitar' frigate. very faithful to the original technical drawings and as such superior to the similar but short-lived gw white metal falchions which were rather wobbly and full of technical errors. these are clean crisp and detailed print and go well with plastic, metal and resin models.
I have seen first hand in both wsf and then fud. wsf is ok for those not as bothered by the level of detail that we all crave. I strongly recomend fud. as the pictures (sporting battlegroup Armageddon livery) show.

the detail is pretty good actually...

'kin expensive for what it is though. you'd have to really want something specific to go for it. I also should mention that the frosted ultra detail (fud) medium is sometimes filled with an oily by-product that can be a bast to get rid of it is leaking from anywhere on the model as one of these were from the stand entry hole. cowson to sort out...

my zeus lunar class:

the aggamemnon.
the detail of this model is simply a dream to paint. Zac's work with Armand is combined in such a way that compliments the skill and design elements of both designers in a way that looks cohesive and neat. I especially love the ball and socket variation on the lance turrets (a logical design evolution no?) an overlooked feature that gw would kick themselves for missing (if they even had the sense or inclination to continue and appreciate the merits of the bfg range).
I was rather pleased with the final job and decided to give it a black prow with a stripe on the area that looks a bit like a shield. very knightly  :P

anyhow. with this done I decided to add more to my Battlegroup Armageddon fleet. I wanted something big and chunky as a flagship but didn't fancy a battleship. yeah they are great to paint and model but I just don't feel they match my play-style I'm much more in favour of the cruiser and reams of escorts type scenarios that allow me to keep up with eldar fleets ( as well as I can anyhow) plus trying to get hold of one that I can afford without getting out a mortgage is like trying to find rockin-horse-sh*t these days.
I was going to do a mars class but found I was finally actually out of cruiser sprues (very sad). Instead I decided to recommission and old ship of mine that I created way back in the first days of bfg. a gothic class called the d'sparilius.
I had originally converted its prow to feature the old metal "master of the ravenwing" winged hooded angel (a suitable D'sparil if ever I saw one) it did NOT look good and as such had to go. however I simply recreated the effect of this with a voss/zeus prow and a recast of the little d'sparil in p38 (minus its wings) and put that on the prow in place of the eaglehead:

further additons included comms relay stations on the dorsal (made of those aerial thingys from battle for maccragge set) and battlebarge engines for extra chunkyness. yes its just a gothic class in game but on the table it certainly has some gravitas. here it is next to the aggamemnon:

I added the red to denote its flagship status and simply because variety is nice!

here is a new ship added to my rogue trader flotilla. the ardias. this zeus based endurance class has a p38 kar-dunaish prow that makes it fit in a treat with my previous kar dunaish conversion the kashmir.

this niccassar dhow is also a part of that fleet. note the tau-installed railguns are picked out in yellow. yes even telekinetic space-bears are tolerated by my roguetrader!

the thunderchild. the astartes strike cruiser (blood angels livery)

this blackship is also a rcommission of an old ship of mine the draconis (sadly destroyed in fleet-action against and old adversary of mine; henreticus the dark chaos lord aka crash commander) this conversion was an obvious attempt to blend aspects of the chaos, astartes and imperial cruisers together to create something that looked greater than the sum of its parts. others have claimed that I have simply stolen the idea from the chaos/imperial grand cruiser released bw gw some time ago but as I'm fond of reminding them, I made the core of this conversion back before those were even released! my later work was simply the new bridge and prow to denote its inquisitorial status. the ship works better thusly as the combination of imperial and chaotic parts give the ship a real  impression of menace. a dark ship of unknown origin, bristling with weaponry and a suggestion of possible divided loyalties...
this is also a great method of adding a mars class to whatever imperial fleet I choose to play with without having to worry about matching colourschemes! LOL

a heavily mined asteroid field, heavily inspired by bfg rulebook art (chaos spikeysprue chains to the rescue!)

oh and here are some dirty old transports from the yellow-line trucking company coming into orbit  around a small planet.

behold 'the scumnatus' a murder class nurgle cruiser and the first of my descent into chaos.
as you can see its rather heavily converted with a battleship bridge, horned prow and added filth rot and decay modeled on. a suitable filthy colourscheme of greeny browns and lots of weathering including drill damage to create a woodworm/decay effect, flock, varnishes and copious washes to create the look I was going for.
I hoped this would satisfy the great unclean one and that I could recant from such heresy and return to the imperium before I started to rot away...
but I immediately craved more. and more of a design challenge too.
I fancied a daemonship conversion coming on. it needed to look nasty. like it was made of flesh, bone, steel, corruption and death. I chose a styx class as the base as the one I had got hold of had been constructed wrong with missmatched launch bay configuration, making it look all wonky and lopsided. perfect for a filthy child of nurgles touch...
let the conversion begin:

It features a lot of the same effects as the murder class above but also includes tentacles and bits from a carnifex. and also the ribcage and spinal parts from and old undead horse. the idea behind this was not to show a ship with deamon bits on it. I wanted this to show that this is the deamon inside the ship, bursting its way out of the very hull itself. the front end also has  an odd beak/spike ram made from a tyranid shoulder pad. this to me has created a great effect. it looks like an odd symbiosis of an undead carrion-corvid skull and also a lot like an old fashioned plague mask. both visions ideal for nurgle plague ships!

heres the two together. I can just imagine hoards of fighters and dreadclaws swarming out of the styx class like bloated flies around a rotting carcass... lovely imigary eh?

and before I got labeled excommunicatus I had a thorough shower and got to work on this:

the lumos astra -  greyknights strikecruiser from admgr on shapeways. a very faithful 3dprint is it not?

this was miliput on a plastic cat toy ball as a base and at an inch and a half (as opposed to the usual 2" that moons tend to be in bfg) It doesn't look too big against smaller planets either.

talking of planets I reworked a 3.5" wooden ball into a watery looking venus-esque sorta vibe world:
and here it is with some models:

a good excuse to show off the helion escorts I had recently painted...

here is the dictator class cruiser that goes with them too, the benedict:

You cant see it here but the engine decks (the bits that look like a huge air intake) are done in bronze with verdigris effect. maybe a better shot soon.

also part of that fleet is this:

the sacred duty, a lunar class

then its time to bring out the big-boy!

sorry if it appears sideways, mediafire is doing that for some reason...
a jupiter inspired green gas giant. this is pretty big, 8" actually, and as such is not wooden but is a plastic light fitting globe. here it is with one of my converted sword class frigates for an easier size comparison:

this was fun. fyi sponges make great tools for the cloud (on the blue planet) and an 1/2" brush was used to make the rings on the gas giant...

here's a group/montage shot of my current main fleet project:

hope you enjoyed these. more soon(ish)
c and c welcome but please nothing to do with the quality (or lack of it) of the photography I'm aware I'm no photographer and have no intention of becoming so.

oh and for those in the wonder of who or what the hell a D'sparil is when its at home: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/D'Sparil yes I was (and still am) obsessed with doom heretic hexen quake and all things nineties fps! LOL

oh and those unclear on the references to p38: http://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/fillers-preparation/davids-isopon-p38-easy-sand-250ml  great cheap alternative to most resins when casting from silicon molds... probably considered heresy by those who do proffesional casting I know but its just my preferred medium when it comes to casting...

An Epic post! Love the gas giant!

Woah, that's quite the fleet...... or fleets! Very nicely painted - the Nurgle ships are suitably nasty. As for the photography I can't see any problems since their crisp, clear and show off your collection very well indeed.

marell le fou:
Oooh i love everything i see here !

But mainly the nurgel ships. Nicely converted, and not "too much nurglysh" as we frequently see. The ships still look as ships.

many many thanks guys!

nice comments makes me want to share more!

so here's more of the latest:

known as 'Ex Libre Imperialis' a dictator class cruiser and a vital missing component to my ever growing fleet; a carrier...
as you can see she's based on a metal ad-mech cruiser with zeus prow and 'fittings'. As such it matches in a treat with both the classic stuff and the zeus gear too!
I went for a grey prow this time as its obviously a fair compromise between white and black and its a bit different to the others... gives a nice no-frills standard naval issue look to it though...

Also I decided to make up a decent bearing compass template as I seemed not to own one...

 as you can see its made of steel, aluminium and copper. heavy but nice...


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