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Lord Borak:
Hello chaps. My first post here (hopefully there will be a fair few more to come).

After finding a treasure trove of Gothic models in a case at the bottom of a pile o' cases I have got the Gothic bug. So, here I am! Although you may see some Inquisitor 54mm shenanigans here as well from time to time.

Anyway, here is my Imperial fleet. Although I have 2 more Battleships. (1 Emperor and 1 yet to be built - Ideas?) and two cruisers still on sprues.

I also saw an absolutely fantastic Battleship conversion (I think the creator was Tyberius?) and had to make my own :D So here's my attempt. There are many like it but this one is mine! The White Resin is my casts, the grey is from China.

I'm also chugging away at a Black Templars fleet of around about 2500pts.

Hey :) welcome to the forums. That is a cool & massive conversion! You should look up the GothiComp2016 and join in the painting. Info is in a rather new post somewhere on the forum. (UsingTapatalk on mobile so cant easily find it for you)

Cheers :)


Awesome fleet and awesome dreadnought, you should present it to the gothicomp. Maybe we can convince horizont to add a dreadnought category  ::)

Lord Borak:
Cheers guys. I'll certainly looking into this Gothicomp. It might actually give me some incentive to finish painting stuff!

Speaking of painting. I painted the white/gold on the prow last night so figured I'd show some WIP pics. Excuse the dodgy angle, it's not stuck to the base yet :D

I'm also working on a quick gaming fleet (I hate rushing things I care about). With the exception of the Gothic cruiser all of the below ships are resin recasts - done by me. The swords need their prows finishing and their bases spraying.

I also knocked up a quick 'counts as' Exorcist grand cruiser. I quite like it so might make a few more for the BIG fleet. I'm thinking about covering the torpedo tubes with antenna........ Dunno, thoughts?

The dreadnought is going to be a great adversary to mine :P, your fleets are nice, but I don't particularly like the grand cruiser, I don't know why, it is weird.


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