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A few balance questions (just getting back in).


What unofficial warbands are balanced? I was looking into bretonnia, pirates, amazons, lizardmen, outlaws, norse, and the ones from nemesis crown.

Also, mordheimer mentions that the starting price for brettinias swords is 5g, afterwords 10, but the faq for them says change it to 10. Any idea where the starting price comes from?

Hi Fullork12,

A few years ago some fans developed a grading system to help rate Mordheim rules. The following site grades most of the warbands out there.

We use the gradings in our group and allow all warbands from GW publications and quality fan releases such as Nemesis Crown and Border Town Burning. In theory the warbands with the better grades should have had more playtesting and therefore should be more balanced. In practice it is not that simple as some warbands have a good grade but are unbalanced (e.g. Shadow Elves).

Still, the grading system is the best option out there to get started. I hope it helps you.



Man i had no idea there were this many factions!  My group is really into Frostgrave at the minute but if I made a party I'd really want it to be Dark Elves or Shadow warriors =<


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