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Starting Skaven warband with Rat Ogre?



I'm putting together a potential Skaven list for an upcoming Mordheim campaign. I've never played them before and was wondering if starting with a Rat Ogre would be a good/bad idea... it sounds fun in theory.

Here's what I came up with. It seems sub-optimal; small warband (not a bad thing, as I have to get them painted asap!) with not much gear.

Assassin Adept with fighting claws
2x Black Skaven with halberds
2x Night Runners with swords
1x Verminkin with spear & shield
1x Rat Ogre

500 points

Hi Talarius, I dont have any feedback but I just thought you should join the "mordheim"-group on facebook. Lots of active people rhat could give you lots of feedback ^_^

Hi Mlkr,

I'm already a member there; should have thought of that myself!  ::) :P   Thanks. :-)

Never bothered with the Rat Ogre myself - always had better things to spend the money on.  With their low leadership I always try to maximise the number in the arband - in the case of skaven, quantity is better than quality!


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