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Author Topic: The BFG: Expanded Revised Rules Thread (MAJOR Update 04/12/2017)  (Read 63193 times)

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The BFG: Expanded Revised Rules Thread (MAJOR Update 04/12/2017)
« Reply #330 on: April 06, 2018, 11:16:11 PM »
It's been pretty exciting to see your steady and innovative hand at work, Xca|iber, and I think BFG has benefited from it as much as the community has from your engagement (that is, quite a bit :P). Alas, times do change and things get busy; I've noticed that it's not only BFG that's on the wane, but even this way of communicating on specialised internet fora that seems to be heading out the door. It's good to hear that you're getting some space games in, though! I know with my own busyness that's always a challenge... along with the challenges of not having people to enjoy the game with.

I would be interested to see your adventures in X-Wingland, though: I have played a tiny bit but been curious about how it goes when you play lots of it! I do also wonder if the fleet-scale version compares with BFG :9

Welcome back from deployment, Green_Squad_Leader! Besides always reminding me of Star Wars B-wings, it's good to see someone with the resources and passion to keep tinkering with BFG meaningfully!