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Author Topic: Hoplites wars solo play: Leoind vs King Minos  (Read 1439 times)

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Hoplites wars solo play: Leoind vs King Minos
« on: January 24, 2015, 12:36:43 PM »
Here we go, both greek armies. Noble cavalry is wrong based, but I play with "what you see is what you get" so I include the shock special.

Minotaurs are sacred band with the special of spartans.

The battle has two exciting points:
- First the cavalry and peltast fight. Trying to fix with your own peltast the enemy skirmisher and then hit them with the cavalry

-Test leoind upgrade. It is soo cheap for the benefit it gaves, but also this kind cheap over-power on the general is a curse in a long term, because you could not resist to use it in combat and you know when general attaches in the front rank... all can happens  ;)

Citizens hold your spears up and grab thigh your shield.... we are going to the war!

Greek army list is really cool to play with all those heavy inf.

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Re: Hoplites wars solo play: Leoind vs King Minos
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I really would love to buy some Warmaster Kislev, Araby, Bretonnia, Vampire Counts, Chaos demons ...