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Author Topic: The Gorkamorka Heritage Project ("Da Reklamashun")  (Read 1807 times)

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The Gorkamorka Heritage Project ("Da Reklamashun")
« on: June 23, 2014, 12:40:27 PM »
When it comes to everything officially published Exodite has us covered but for everything else it's a bit of a wild west. As time goes on it's increasingly hard to find - lots of the stuff was on GeoCities, for example.

Being the resident crazy person I've decided to try to hunt down whatever I can and try to make it available again. The problem here is I'm trying to do it legally. That means no copying their work without permission. Wherever possible I'm trying to arrange to license things under Creative Commons (this sort of thing). That would mean they could both be freely distributed and also that anyone could build on them. (That probably sounds a bit scary but it's actually pretty straight forward)

Once we're sure about the legal stuff the rules will be given a lick of paint and laid out in the modern tUGS template (as seen in Depiff's Sumfink In Da Sand rules). Oh and released on tUGS and wherever else is interested.

At the moment things are split into four categories: relicensed rules, rules we're still trying to reach the author/s of, orphan works, and lost works. The goal is to get everything into the first category!

Trying to contact author
Orphan works
Lost works
  • Cheesie's Games Workshop: "Dis is a gret zite fur gubbinz, noo troopz, and a right gud campain called Invashun. Itz prety gud, yuz nuw."
    (linked to here)
So what can I do to help?
Firstly, do you know any of the people we're trying to reach? Are you one of them? I can be reached by email or you can post here.

Secondly - what have I missed? I'd already got a folder of this stuff when I started writing this topic and found out about Cheesie's now inactive site before I even finished compiling the list. There's bound to be other stuff out there!

Thirdly - Do you know of any Gorkamorka stuff that isn't in English? Adding that to the collection would be rather fun!

Fourthly (is that a thing?) - Yes, this topic is fairly old, but I've loved Gorkamorka since I was eleven years old back in the late 1990s and I'm not planning to stop any time soon. Go ahead and contact me about this stuff!
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