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Author Topic: Why are the Morcar and Ogre Horde expansions worth so much more on eBay?  (Read 2216 times)

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I occasionally get the urge for Heroquest - and I look longingly on eBay for English UK versions.

I had all the expansions save for Against the Ogre Horde and Kellar's Keep, which is a shame as they were the first ones.

I know that the Morcar and Ogre expansions are larger and have lots of content, but I still don't understand why they seem to sell for a huge amount more then the smaller expansions.

I really wish we hadn't sold our Heroquest boxes years ago. =-<
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Re: Why are the Morcar and Ogre Horde expansions worth so much more on eBay?
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Just to clarify one thing, Kellar's Keep and the Return of the Witch Lord were the first two expansions.  The Ogre Horde was the third, with Wizards of Morcar being the last.  There were also different/additional expansions in the US, but that was the order in the UK.

My guess, and bear in mind is that this is only a guess, is that there may have been fewer copies of the Ogre Horde and Wizards of Morcar produced, and this may be why they are more expensive.
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