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For a while now I've been working on some ships, as you can see here. Apparently the lovely fellows over at Resin Addicts liked it so much that I got a few offers in to have them produce it, I also managed to get a possible 3d modelling commission out of it.

However, high quality 3d printing is expensive. Shapeways doesn't offer the quality I need for this project. This means I have to go elsewhere, which means the rates go up. In order to finance this I'm planning on making separate bits that could either be sold through Shapeways or whatever party wants to print/cast the models. I know companies such as Chapterhouse, MaxMini, Kromlech and so on are quite successful with their sales of bits which are compatible with other stuff in the market. The whole =I=munda craze has inspired me, and whilst I'm not that great a modeller/painter, I do want to offer my support in some way...

Here the first of many. It's still a WIP, more details need to be added to it. The blade is a separate part by the way.

Needs a few more details, such as an exhaust and some details on the front part and then it's good to go I think.

Next would be a few other close combat weapons/tools based on this 'hull'. The wheel removed and the round part on the front as well, and other stuff could be added, be it a drill, grabber, etc.

After these weapons will be shields and armour plates.

In the meantime I've been adding more details to the buzz saw:

Small update on the teeth:

radu lykan:
didnt somebody make a working gun on a 3d printer? if you could make that work?............................  :)
seriously, nice design, would you consider printing at larger scales i.e. 54mm?

Shouldn't be a problem. Making this model are 54mm scale is just a matter of resizing. :)


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