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Fire teams
« on: August 10, 2009, 05:17:23 PM »
I find that breaking the gang into 3 man groups that stay within 2" of eachother is a really great way to move across the board while supporting eachother and engaging single models.

I usually use a juve out front backed up by either 2 gangers with rifles or a ganger with rifle and heavy with a special weapon.

This allows you to have the juve out front to soak up any incoming fire while the gangers will have the higher leadership to avoid breaking as they watch him go down. Even if he doesn't go down and winds up pinned, you can have him recover from pinning due to the nearby gangers. The gangers also provide that ability for eachother, so unless all 3 guys take a hit, you should be able to recover one or both pinned models.

The Leader is a great juve herder, his leadership of 8 will keep the little buggers in line once the bullets start flying. Have 2 or 3 juves with him as he can back them up with a special weapon as well. Then his little fire team of innacurate autopistols becomes a bit more deadly.

As for the backfield, always have a bodyguard for your heavy, a ganger with a lasgun is ideal. He can help the heavy recover from pinning as well as make himself the closer target without having to worry about being "move or fire" and move around to get the angle on enemies that are using cover to block LOS from your heavy weapon.
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Re: Fire teams
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2009, 06:28:14 PM »
It's a good tactic but does have a serious flaw, template weapons. Keeping three of your best packed tightly can leave you open to a flamer or a grenade.

I tend to keep my gangers in teams of two to avoid having them all clumped together and it allows me to spread the fire, hitting a pocket of the enemey from two or more angles at once.

I tend to keep my juves and the leader together skulking around to hit the enemy when they close, using the extra attacks to swamp the few that get past.

This is by no means fool proof but it does seem to work most of the time.
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Re: Fire teams
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2009, 12:40:57 AM »
I too generally use this tactic.  Generally taking a minimum of 10 Gangers with my Delaques, my Groups for them tend to be a little bigger than 3 men sometimes.

When I do go with fire teams (although I tend to call them suppression groups) I group them around weapon options. 

My Heavy Stubber for instance, tends to get a bodyguard of two or three gangers with lasguns.  They provide reliable long range assistance, and give a few closer targets for the enemy to shoot at if I need to break cover.

My second Heavy is a Flamer, who I tend to run with 2 shotgun gangers. As all three can easily ignore terrain cover when firing at foes, it protects the flamer en route to delivering that one decisive blast of flame.

The other party is usually the largest.  My gang leader babysits the juves along with however many gangers (usually one initially) that I have hanging around.

The tactic usually works quite well but a good opponent will often exploit it.  A gang that sticks together closely will really challenge your convictions of sending in your small groups, especially as it forces you to worry about timing the attacks of your groups to compensate.

When using my Scavvies against groups, I tend to use my bonus 'followers' to hold up one or two of the groups, whilst my main party advances to deal with the others.  The main failing is the lack of dedicated support, and as Mastermime says, the main issue with groups is templates.

Saying that, using templates in your fire groups, particularly flamers and Grenade launchers, can counter an opponent who 'walls up' against you.