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Sunlight and darkness


These are some house rules to reflect enviroment effects in BOFA battles. I don't use them in the Battle of Five armies scenario.

Just before the game starts, throw 1D6:

1:     Night battle.
2-5:  Normal battle
6:     Daylight battle.

Daylight battle:

- Goblins and Wolf riders: All Goblin units are affected by daylight. These lesser orc races are demoralised under direct sunlight, and are unreliable during day hours. All Goblin units suffer a -1 Command penalty. Orcs, half-orcs and uruk hai are not affected.

- Hill Trolls: when Trolls are reached by daylight they revert to the stone from they were originally created. At the end of each turn throw 1D6 for each Troll unit on the table. With a 6 a stand is removed.

Night battle:

Fighting in daylight is really bad for Evil Armies, but in the dead of night they are comfortable and dangerous, while their foes are limited...

Shooting range of Good Army units is reduced to 20cm. It affects to Spells with LOS too. Evil Army is not affected. Even human allies of Evil Army (Dunlendings, Black Numeroneans, etc) are not affected as long as there are orcs in the army.

Artillery units, if any in the battle, have their shooting range halved instead.

Note LOS is not reduced in the game. Just the shooting and spells effective range.

Underground battle:

If a battle takes place underground, night battle conditions apply to all units except Goblins, Orcs and Dwarves.

given the advantages and disadvantages
rules are needed to balance this some

like evil during day is always defending? can field more units?
same for good during night

maybe some turns of day and some turns of night in the same game...

Yes, half of the turns day and the other half night can be challenging and more balanced for both sides.


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