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Author Topic: (Old) GW PDF's and their (ab)use  (Read 10541 times)

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(Old) GW PDF's and their (ab)use
« on: August 02, 2009, 07:54:27 PM »
Just to clarify this, after it was adressed to me by various people through PM.

Cybershadow got a go-ahead to post some old GW material on a SG material page. Unfortunatly that does NOT include all the material that used to be available at the Specialist Games site. Some of you did download those missing bits from the original location when it was up. Now in the "old" configuration there was a disclaimer on the "use" of the PDF's, which prohibited putting them up at other web-locations.

Now IF you do, we are not in a position to tell you not too, but please refrain from putting ANY links to that material in the forums  8) ::) I hope you all can see why.