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Mordheim Excel roster?

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Does anyone know of a decent excel roster for Mordheim gangs? 
I found one that had one sheet for entering the details of the gang, but there were a few errors with it, some I could fix (Heroes not counting as members; hencemen groups not including the total XP cost, just the single XP), but the biggie was beyond my limited Excel knowledge - it placed the Heroes XP under the wrong Hero, and (as far as I can tell) the sheet that controls the XP placement is both hidden and password protected (and uses VLOOKUPs, which I hate!).

Colonel Kane:
IIRC there is only the one, well only one I can remember seeing.

Hmm - does anyone know who originally made it, and if so, are they still around? (Original author was "WB", and [at least the version I have] modified by Pete Allison)

If not, has anyone with more Excel knowledge than me tried to correct it?

try this, its a spreadsheet I made for Mordheim..

Starting from RUFF's original job I did my own Excel roster sheet for google docs.
Any feedback/corrections appreciated.

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