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Result of games
« on: June 05, 2012, 06:38:45 PM »

I have recorded the battles played in specialist games, but also in other places of the net, trying to get an estadistic about the armies. I have an old threat dealing with this idea.

I only give the results of armylist over 10 games played. Stadistic is made around 376 games (including the armylist below a population of 10 games), as it stay in June 2012:

The results are seen here:

Army list             Total won   %   population
Araby                      12        75,0               16
Daemons                   12        75,0               16
Lizardmen                 14         63,6               22
Dwarfs                       47        59,5               79
High elves                  39        56,5               69
Vampire Counts         15        53,6               28
Dogs of War WTA        9         52,9              17
Bretonninan              28         51,9              54
Dark elves                 20         51,3              39
Skaven                      21         45,7              46
High elves WTA           5         45,5              11
Empire                       36         44,4             81
Chaos                        43         41,3           104
Undead                      24         35,3             68
Orcs and goblin          21         31,8             66
Kislevitas                      4         30,8            13
Indian                           4         28,6            14

I also made some parameters to evaluate how the armies works and if the armylist are well constructed.

100-75   Wrong   75-100
75-65   Gold   65-75
65-55   Silver   55-65
55-45   Bronze   45-55
45-35   Brass   35-45
35-25   Copper   25-35
25-0   Wrong   0-25

Armies from 75 to 100% of success are in warning of have a wrong contructed armylist. The same happens in armies below 25%.

Araby and Daemon are golden armies, but the population is not too high, and also is well known that our friend Claus uses araby, ehem...

Silver armies are lizardmen, dwarves and high elves. Normally wins 2 of each 3 games played.

Bronze armies are Vampire Counts, Dogs of War WTA, Bretonninan, Dark elves, Skaven and High elves WTA. They are balanced and won 1 of each 2 games played

Brass armies are Empire, chaos and undead. This three armies went up and down in bronze/brass category through the time. So they are not easy armylists but depends a lot of the quality of the gamer.

Copper armies are Orcs and goblin, Kislevitas and Indian. Playing with this is always a challange. Not recommended to start with and a challange for veterans players.

The army more played is chaos.

The most succeed general are: according to my records. For this ranking I do not include Events as GT, Icemaster or Dragonforce, for the difficulty of follow the players. So they are based in battle reports. I do the stadisitc as best as I can but sometimes battlereports are no so clear or I had to use translator from french or polish in example... so this only an orientation)

- Vincent with 8 victories with chaos army

Second place:
- Fbrunz with 6 skaven victories
- Swordmaster with 6 High elves victories
- Kretus with 6 Chaos victories
- RIP with 6 Chaos victories

Any more data, please ask. Any comment will be appreciated,

Remember: stadistic always a lier friend...

and special thanks to (If someone involved is out my list, please forgive me and be thanked also) :

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