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None Shall Pass
« on: April 19, 2012, 05:48:22 PM »
Warmaster scenario: None Shall Pass

In this scenario the attacking army is attempting to pass through a mountain range and reach the other side. On the other side of the mountain is a sacred place to the defending army (this depends on their race. For example, with the Bretonnians it could be a monastery containing valuable books, for Orcs it could be a sacred totem to Gork, etc)  the attackers will burn, loot and destroy any building/people once they are through the mountain pass.

The defending army has to try and prevent as many units as he can from passing in between the mountains. There are possible reinforcements for the defenders, signal beacons have been lit and hopefully their scouts will see them and arrive in time to save the day.

Points cost – both sides have the same points deployed at the start. The defending army also gets an additional 1000 points as reinforcements.

Turns – the attacker goes first

Terrain – as shown on the map. There are two signal fires in the centre of each hill. The rocky terrain is designed to make manoeuvring awkward. The mountain pass is roughly in the middle of the table and is about 20cm wide.


Defenders deploy their entire army first

Defenders = within 20cm of the “pass” table edge, or 10cm of the cliff wall, and on or within 10cm of each hill.

Attackers = within 20cm of eastern table edge.

Extra rules;

Signal fires – both fires start the game lit. The attacking army can automatically extinguish a signal fire by having a unit of infantry (that isn’t engaged in combat or supporting) adjacent to the fire (the unit must be at least two stands) If a signal fire is still lit at the start of the defending armies turn 3, then reinforcements will arrive on that side of the table.

Reinforcements – The defender makes two extra army lists, and allocates them as the North and South flanking force. Each list is up to 500 points, and must include 1 or 2 characters in each list (no generals)
When the reinforcements arrive they are deployed on their relevant flank (north or south depending on whether the signal fire is still lit) within 30cm of the mountain, with their bases touching the table edge. The reinforcements cannot move by initiative on the turn they appear, but may charge as normal.

Victory Conditions – the attacking player wins as soon as 6 non-flying units leave the table between the mountains. The game ends immediately. (must be at least 2 stands in the unit)

The defending army cannot be broken, they are fighting to the last man to defend their homeland.

The defending army wins if the attackers withdraw.

Notes....... i was tempted to include a min amount of points that the defender has to deploy in the mountain pass. But decided it was up to him where he puts his troops. This also gives the tactical options of whether the attacker should bother with the signal fires, or just race straight up the middle.
I was also going to have fewer points for the defenders, but thought it would be too easy for the attackers. Not sure that 6 units is right for a victory, it's hard to balance that, i need to have a few games of it to try it out.

Give it a go and see if it's balanced

PS. some credit also to David for inspiring a 300 type scenrio with a few extras thrown in  ;)
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