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Hellblaster Question


[Cut from battle report]

Hi all, a quick question about the hellblaster rules;

The original rulebook has the rule that if you roll more ones than sixes, the gun blows up.  The same is printed in the current online rules available to download at GW.  I was using the Empire reference sheet from the Armies suppliment which has a malfunction table that provides a variable result depending on how many '1's you roll and the first entry 1-2 '1's says you deduct 1's from hits, in the case of a single '1' you deduct a single hit.  My opponent said he had the 'living' rulebook which had the same section in the rulebook as the old rulebook, but the Empire reference sheet has the malfunction table, only under the entry for a single '1' it says you halve the other hits.  Which is correct?

My impression was that the armies supplement was the latest edition of the armies list, so that it takes precedence. They even came out with errata for it - for example the sphinx does cause terror - logic tells me that they wouldn't put out errata for something that's been superseded.
Also, as far as I know the armies supplement is part of the living rule book.
Of course, that's just my opinion.

Warmaster Armies empire hellblaster is correct (with a little typo that was corrected in Errata)


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