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Here is a simple question. Say I kill an outlaw juve armed with an autopistol and a club. He is worth 50 credits. Do I get the 50 credits right into my stash, or does it get filtered through the income chart, just added to my territory's output?

I'm using the rules from Dead or Alive of course. I'd copy/paste the relevant section, but for some reason this forum doesn't like me copying and pasting from a pdf.

I think it gets filtered, but I'd need to check the rules and i don't have them on hand. Try looking at the bounty hunter rules, they might provide some info although its a different form of bounty.

Good idea. Here is what it says:

LRB P.103

--- Quote ---If an outlaw is turned in for bounty the gang’s share
of the reward is equal to the total points value of the
captive including his weapons and equipment (which
must also be turned over). Add this reward money to
the gang’s income along with income from

--- End quote ---

Income is the games term for gross, profit means net. So the money does get filtered through the chart.

Problem solved I guess.

Yeah I was pretty sure that for house gangs everything gets filtered.

One thing that isn't filtered is ransoming to another player. If I sell back his model for 50 creds, that goes straight from his stash into mine.

No way that gets filtered. It would be 10 credits filtered for most gang setups.


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