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scenario idea
« on: May 25, 2011, 11:03:07 AM »
Went to stay with my friend a few weeks ago, and he gave some warmaster terrain that he'd made  ;D (he sells terrain on ebay) I've got a half built 10mm castle (i'll finish it off), some 10mm orc huts, and some hilly terrain.

Here's the huts

I was just thinking of possible scenario ideas that include the new terrain. So i thought i'd brainstorm some ideas with warmaster players on here  ;) Any suggestions and comments are more than welcome.

My first idea is an ambush set up.
This idea is still very rough, i've not worked out if both sides have the same points values yet. I'm writing it with me and my friend in mind, he has a chaos army. But any WM armies could be used

The orc player is the defender, chaos attacker.

The Orc village is set up in the middle of the table, and there's bonfires around the village. It's dark and my opponent is attempting to ambush my army. Chaos deployment is anywhere on the table, no closer than ? cm's to the orc village.

Orc units are patrolling around the village (you have to give them a route before the game starts)  they have a vision of ? cm's, the bonfires increase their vision. If a chaos unit is within LOS and the distance they have a chance to be spotted by orcs  (maybe a unit within 30cm is auto spotted) As soon as they seen the orcs yell and shout and the battle begins.

My main reason for this idea is because i like the deployment for that attacking side. I've not decided if there needs to be an extra element to them attacking (maybe they need to hold the orc village? maybe that's only half of the orc arm inside the village)

What do you think any ideas?