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Author Topic: New Eldar Hero Ships?  (Read 1129 times)

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New Eldar Hero Ships?
« on: January 07, 2011, 02:22:46 PM »
Just Wondering, is there room for new craftworld eldar hero ship rules? I was just struck by an idea that could fill the 'slot' for the dark eldar missing flagship.

"Scorpions Nest" The Throne of Arhra 320 points

Cruiser/8 turns: special, speed 30cm OR 15/20/25, Shadowfields, turrets 0, armor 5+

Prow Weapons battery st 12, 45cm FLR
Prow Shadow Lances St 3 45cm F
Keel Impaler Modules st 2 30cm
Keel Torpedo tubes st 6 (leech torpedos only)

Special rules:
Solar Sails: This ancient and grim vessel still has it's ancient solar sails, which the Incubi aboard use to fool their Eldar prey, at the start of the game, you may select Dark eldar movement, or eldar movement, but it must remain this way until the end of the match.

Royal Incubi: This vessel is crewed solely by Incubi, who are skilled in the arts of terror and mayhem.  Add +1 to it's boarding modifier on top of the +1 already given by dark eldar. This vessel does not suffer the -1 in subsequent rounds of boarding.

Hunger for Kin: This vessel, when fighting Corsair or Craftworld eldar gains 10 victory points per "slave taking" hit and run attack instead of the normal 5.

Mimic Engines: this vessel comes with mimic engines equipped.

You may take 0-1 of this vessel in a Dark Eldar fleet of any size.