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Author Topic: EASTERLING ARMY SELECTOR for Warmaster not BoFA  (Read 2451 times)

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Here is a Middle Earth Selector, it is a definitely a Work in Progress.  The Selector is designed to fight other Warmaster armies.

Wainriders like the Balchoth from the eastern lands of Rhun and Khand from TA1851 to TA3019

TROOP                   Type            Atk    Hit  Armour  Command  Unit  Points    Min/ Special
                                                                     Size  Per Unit  Max
Shortbowmen (Easterling)Infantry        2/15    3     0      -        3       25     1/4   *1
Warriors (Easterling)   Infantry        3       3     6+     -        3       45     2/-     
Rhun Raiders            Cavalry         2/15a   3     6+     -        3       60     -/2   *2
Light Cavalry           Cavalry         3       3     6+     -        3       60     -/3     
Variags of Khand        Cavalry         3       3     5+     -        3       90     -/2     
Heavy Chariot           Chariot 20/30   3/15a   3     5+     -        3       95     1/3   *3
Wain (Wagon)            Artillery 20    3/15a   4     4+/-   -        2       50     -/4   *4
High Priest             General Wizard  +1                   8               100     1*    *5
Variag Hero             Hero            +1                   8:60             80     -/1   
Shadow Priest           Wizard          0                    7:20             40     -/3   *6
Chariot for High Priest}
or Priest              }Chariot Mount   +1                  -                +10     -/4   *7


1. Shortbowmen. Are allowed to shoot as if they had bows but the range is reduced to 15cm.

2. Rhun Raiders. Rhun Raiders are armed with shortbows shooting 15cm and can shoot behind or to the side without turning stands to face their target. Just measure the range from any stand edge. They can therefore shoot at enemy charging them from any direction.

3. Heavy Chariots. Move 20cm, and charge 30cm. The crew are armed with shortbows shooting 15cm and can shoot behind or to the side without turning stands to face their target. Just measure the range from any stand edge. They can therefore shoot at enemy charging them from any direction.

4. Wains(War Wagon).   The rules are the same as the Kislev War Wagon rules except where indicated in bold and strikethrough.
The War Wagon unit consists of two separate stands: the wagon stand with the wagon on it and the team stand with horses on it. The unit must always be in one of two formations: a wagon column with the horse team in front of the wagon, and a wagon laager with the horse team placed beside the wagon edge to edge.

When a War Wagon moves it must always finish its move in a wagon column. In other respects the wagon unit moves like any other unit of two stands. The wagon cannot charge an enemy. Its movement rate is 20cm at full pace and 10cm at half pace the same as infantry. A unit in wagon column at the start of the move moves at full pace, a unit in wagon laager at the start of the move moves at half pace. A wagon treats terrain in the same way as artillery.

A War Wagon in wagon column formation can be given an order to form a laager. A War Wagon can also form a laager using initiative - i.e. if visible enemy are within 20cm at the start of the move. This is an exception to the normal rules for initiative, which allow units to charge or evade as described in the rulebook. Note that a wagon cannot move and form laager by means of a single order - a separate order is required to form a wagon laager. When a wagon forms laager, either stand can be pivoted to face any direction, the other stand is then placed in formation alongside it.

Although the War Wagon has two stands, only the wagon stand can shoot and fight. The team stand has ‘0’ Attacks both for shooting and combat. Otherwise the horse stand is treated as an ordinary stand. Either stand can be removed as a casualty if sufficient hits are inflicted to remove a stand from the unit. The War Wagon has an Armour rating of 4+ so long as the wagon stand is present. If the wagon stand is removed as a casualty the remaining team stand has no Armour (no save).

The wagon stand can shoot all around and can draw a line of sight from any exposed edge and even over the top of the horse team stand. The wagon has a range of 15cm. The target’s armour value counts one worse than usual, for example 4+ counts as 5+, and 6+ becomes 0. The wagon is permitted to shoot over the heads of friendly troops on lower ground in the same way as other artillery (see page 67 of the rulebook). Note that the wagon’s Attacks are a combination of crewmen and shotbows - shots do not ‘bounce’ as described under the rules for Cannons in the Warmaster rulebook.

A laagered wagon counts as a defended unit. A wagon column counts as in the open.

A laagered wagon unit counts all its edges as front edges – it has no sides or rear and no combat penalties are applied on account of fighting to the side or rear.

A laagered wagon cannot be driven back or routed by shooting. However - it is still deemed necessary to roll drive backs (remember it is defended) to determine if War Wagon becomes confused on a roll of a 6. The same applies to Gerroff!!! spell. Roll the dice as normal. If the wagon would normally have left the table then roll 1 D6. If a 6 is rolled it is confused.

If a wagon column is engaged in combat then it cannot pursue if it wins the combat round, and it is destroyed if forced to retreat. Note this is the standard rule for artillery.

If a laagered War Wagon is engaged in combat then it will neither pursue nor retreat regardless of the combat result. The War Wagon is not destroyed in the same way as artillery if it loses a combat round. It always holds its ground regardless of the result and continues to count as defended in subsequent rounds. An enemy unit that wins a round of combat against the wagon can continue to fight by ‘pursuing’ in the normal way, but no pursuit bonuses are gained for doing so.

Any Easterling infantry unit positioned so that the side edge of at least one stand touches any edge of the wagon stand (not the team stand) of a laagered War Wagon unit counts the whole unit as defended for purposes of shooting and combat (i.e. the infantry unit must line up so that the wagon stand and any infantry stand from the unit would be in a mutually supporting position were they both infantry). This assumes some intermingling of infantry in the wagon laager which is otherwise impossible to represent, but can be readily imagined. This advantage applies only in the first round of combat when charged, in exactly the same way as defended units on high ground or amongst woods or other dense terrain. Note that these associated infantry do not retain defended status in subsequent rounds as does the War Wagon itself, even where they remain in touch with the wagon stand.

Note that as described above, either the wagon or the team stand can be removed as a casualty - it is up to the player to decide which to remove. If the horses are removed the War Wagon cannot move. If the wagon is removed the horses can move but obviously cannot attack - this gives the player the opportunity to retreat the ‘horses’ out of harms way thus avoiding losing the unit. The unit is not destroyed until both stands have been removed as normal.

5. High Priest can cast spells like a Wizard and can carry a magic item restricted to a Wizard if desired.

6. Shadow Priest can cast spells chosen from the Shadow spells list.  Note that the spells ranges are halved, for example the Doom and Despair for the Shadow Priest is only 30cm range.

6. Chariot. A High Priest or Shadow Priest can ride a Chariot. The character riding a chariot adds +1 to his Attacks. Note this chariot still moves 60cm and cannot fire.

Shadow Priest Spells
BLACK BREATH (TOUCH OF DEATH (from the Tomb Kings list))
4+ to cast, Range – Touching
The Wizard's enemies crumble to dust as he smites them with the corrupting Breath of Death.
The Wizard can cast this spell if he has joined a unit in combat. The spell can be cast on any single enemy unit that it is touching the unit the Wizard has joined. The target unit takes three attacks worked out in the usual way. Any hits scored are carried over into the first round of combat and count as having been struck in the first round for purposes of working out combat results.

VOICE OF COMMAND (from the Empire list)
5+ to hit, Range 15cm, no LoS
The Wizard's voice booms out across the battlefield directing troops above the tumult of combat with the magical Voice of Command.
The spell can be cast on any unengaged friendly unit within range regardless of whether the Wizard can see it or not. The spell affects only a single unit, never a brigade. The unit can be moved just as if it had received an order in the Command phase. Character stands that have joined the unit will not move with it: they remain where they are.

LASH OF SAURON (like Waaagh! from the Orc list but not 4+)
5+ to cast, Range 15cm, no LoS
A dark power billows from the Sorcerer filling his troops with the destructive vigour of Sauron.
The spell can be cast on any engaged friendly unit within range regardless of whether the Wizard can see it or not. The effect lasts for the duration of the following Combat phase. Every stand in the unit, including characters that have joined the unit, adds +1 to its Attacks value.

DOOM AND DESPAIR (from the Tomb Kings list)
4+ to cast, Range 30cm, no LoS
A dark cloud of doom and despair settles over the enemy, sapping their courage and dampening their warlike spirit.
This spell can be cast on any enemy unit within range regardless of whether the Wizard can see it or not.  The spell takes effect until the end of the opposing player's next turn.  Whilst the spell lasts the unit cannot charge and if engaged in combat will not pursue or advance. Even units that are otherwise obliged to charge, pursue, or advance will not do so if affected by Doom and Despair. Note that even Undead are not immune

Unit Notes
Variags of Khand, very little is known of the Variags.  The Variags of Khand are thought to have provided horses for Sauron, so they are probably a horse nation.  As Khand is on the far side of Mordor the troops would have to travel far, reinforcing my notion of a horse nation.
Rus heavy cavalry are probably a good representation of Variags. Variags is so similar to our earth Varangians that I favour Kiev Rus being of Swedish stock.

Easterlings (Infantry & cavalry)
I think the Easterling nation could be based any far eastern European nomadic nation around in 900-1000AD, (Normans for Rohan and Byzantine for Gondor) so Khazar or Pechenegs.  The Shortbowmen would normally cost 30 points but this army is very weak and I think 25 points helps it a little.

Heavy Chariot.  I think the heavy Assyrian 4 horse chariot would be a good representation.

Wain. As the Kislev War Wagon is unavailable then a Hussite War Wagon is a good substitute.

Design Notes
Sauron knew he had been rumbled and so fled Dol Guldor in 2063 and returning in 2460, almost 400 years in hiding in the east.  I am extrapolating that he spent these 400 years reinforcing his shadow religion like he did in Numenor to worship himself.  This was made more difficult through not having a physical body.  His agents probably incited the Balchoth to travel west as they attacked Gondor in 2500.  These agents could have been his Priests, Sauron might of shown them a thing or two about magic, so they could impress and terrorise their own people the Easterlings into doing his bidding.  I have made the Easterling Army command totally dominated by these Priests, so is “Wizard” heavy on this premise.  The Variags Hero provides a much needed “normal” character.

The Shadow Priest spell ranges have been halved in an attempt to show that the Easterling magic was “weaker” than say The Witch Kings or a Black Numenorian Sorcerer.  The Priests points have been dropped by 5 points to reflect this.

As the military prowess of these tribes was very poor and their army relies on mass, the religion of Sauron as the driving force, I think fits the armies poor battle capabilities.