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Author Topic: Rules for the Trading Forum.  (Read 5625 times)

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Rules for the Trading Forum.
« on: May 20, 2009, 12:36:26 PM »


  • ALL posts in this Forum should related to at least one of the relevant SG-games, and need to be tagged as such, using the tagging as seen in the other General Forums
  • This site or its staff will not be held responsible for any trades which occur here. This feature is provided as an arrangement service only, and we advise you to protect yourself when conducting trades at any time and through any facilitator.
  • Please be very clear in the thread title what you have for trade. There is little worse than a title being just a miniature name, and then finding that this is requested, and not offered.
  • When you are starting a new Topic for your trade, after finishing the main body of the text, use Additional Options, and LOCK the topic. This is the posters responsibilty, dont make more work for the Mods !!
  • When Trading, you are allowed to have pictures in the post for reference
  • We will allow people to LINK to Sales they have running on auction sites. Mind you, the TOPIC should identify the items, and in the body of the message you can ONLY have the link to the site. NO sales-blurr on the forum
  • We will allow people to advertise Services. Similar to Sales, the Topic should identify the items, and the body of the message should ONLY contain a link to your site
  • After actualy conducting a trade, and thus invalidating the original post, the poster is responsible for deleting the Topic
  • Additional rules MAY be instated at any time during the review period, and will be applied to existing Topics
  • If there is questions or problems with this forum, contact me through PM

Any breach of the rules will be punished with a, temporary, ban.
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