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PTF answer: Can I shoot when forced into combat on accidental contact

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A unit with shooting capability which is contacted by an ORDERED movement OR an ADVANCE is considered charged and allowed to Stand & Shoot with all applicable stands.

Shooting units that are caught up into melee on accidental contact (as part of retreat/pursuit sequence) are not.

[insert proper page reference]

Ach mein Gott!  :o

I really need a revision of the rulebook. Thanks for the post

I'm still missing the page reference though. I could not find any passage yet that clearly states that.

One thing is clear. Troops may shoot at charging attackers (as long as there is line of sight during the charge move). You'll find that in the shooting section of the rules.
But is there any passage that clearly states that units that come in contact accidentally by pursuing are not charging?

IIRC troops in accidental contact do not count as charging bkz they have no bonuses against each newly engaged units. Therefore newly engaged units can not shoot at them bkz they are not formally 'charging' enemies.


gotta say something!  ;D

Well, in the GW pdf it says on page 8, P32:
The term ‘charge’ describes a unit’s movement into contact with an enemy unit during the Command phase whether by initiative or by means of an order.

pursuit happens in the combat phase, and as such is no charge in the actual sense. so no S&S, charge bonus or whatever.

I think it's good to know and valid, even if it might be just a "procedure statement"  ;)



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