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The Dog:
Here is a Middle Earth Selector, it is a Work in Progress.  The Selector is designed to fight other Warmaster armies.

LÓRIEN ARMY SELECTOR v0.2For the Third Age 3018-3019,  the War of the Ring.
TROOP                   Type            Atk    Hit  Armour  Command  Unit  Points    Min/ Special
                                                                     Size  Per Unit  Max
Silvan Bows             Infantry        2/30    3     6+              3       60     2/4    *1
Silvan Warriors         Infantry        3       3     5+              3       65     2/-    *1
Eldar Longbows          Infantry        3/32    3     4+              3      125     -/2    *2
Eldar Foot Knights      Infantry        4       3     3+              3      155 }   -/2    *3
Eldar Knights           Cavalry         4       3     3+              3      205 }          *4
Silvan Scouts           Cavalry         3/30    3     6+              3       95     -/2        
Celeborn or General     General         +2                    10             155     1*        
Named Hero              Hero            +2                    9:60           125     -/1    *5
Hero                    Hero            +1                    8:60            80     -/2      
Galadriel               Special Wizard  0                     +1              75     -/1*   *6

All Elves add +1 to their dice roll when making shooting attacks and in the first round of each combat engagement including the first round of an advance. They will therefore score a hit against targets in the open on a 3 or more, against targets that are defended on a 4 or more, and against fortified targets on a 5 or more.

1. Silvan Bows & Silvan Warriors, always count as being in defended cover when in woods, also they do not suffer -1 to Command when in woods.

2. Eldar Longbows, are armed with Longbows, they have a range of 32cm.  Cannot be driven back by shooting and do not roll for drive backs.

3. Eldar Foot Knights, cannot be driven back by shooting and do not roll for drive backs.

4. Eldar Knights, cannot be driven back by shooting and do not roll for drive backs.

5. Named Hero. If the General is killed the game does not end automatically as would normally.  One of the named Heroes is promoted and becomes the General, Command 9, with a battlefield command radius, immediately.  If there is no named hero or the named hero is killed the game ends as normal.

6. Galadriel. There can only be one Galadriel, no matter what size the armies.
Galadriel can cast spells like a Wizard.  Galadriel cannot be given any more magic items. She can re-roll a failed spell on any dice result except a 1. If a spell is failed because a 1 is rolled then no re-roll is permitted.
Galadriel wears one of the three Elven rings of Power, Nenya(Water), this confers +1 to all casting dice and also makes Galadriel and the unit she has joined immune to all harmful water based spells.  Note, an unmodified dice roll of 1 always fails.
Galadriel cannot issue commands, but any one character she stands next to will benefit from her wisdom by adding +1 to that characters Command Value to a maximum of 10.

Galadriel’s Spells
FLAME OF ANOR (Sun) (MONSTER BEAR! from the Kislev list)
5+ to cast, Range Self
The wizard burns with the light of the sun and hurls himself into the enemy’s ranks.
The wizard can cast this spell on herself if she has joined a unit that is engaged in combat. The spell lasts for the duration of the following Combat phase.  The joined unit causes terror and the wizard gains a further +2 Attack bonus that she adds to the unit in the usual way.  

5+ to cast, Radius 30cm, no LoS
A radiant light shines forth upon the Mage’s companions filling them with magical vigour.
This spell affects every friendly unit within range. The spell lasts for the duration of the following Combat phase. Every unit and every character that has joined a unit gains a bonus +1 attack. These attacks can be allocated to any stand in the unit and can be allocated to a different stand in each combat round.

VOICE OF COMMAND (from the Empire list)
5+ to cast, Range 30cm, no LoS
The Wizard's voice booms out across the battlefield directing troops above the tumult of combat with the magical Voice of Command.
The spell can be cast on any unengaged friendly unit within range regardless of whether the Wizard can see it or not. The spell affects only a single unit, never a brigade. The unit can be moved just as if it had received an order in the Command phase. Character stands that have joined the unit will not move with it: they remain where they are.

BRILLANCE OF ANOR (from my Void, it’s a new spell)
6+ to hit, Radius 30cm, no LoS
A brilliant aura of light like the Sun shines on the Dark Powers minions, forcing them to cower in terror.
This spell affects every enemy unit within radius of the Wizard that does not cause Terror, causing them to be terrified, -1 to their combat attacks. The spell lasts for the duration of the following Combat phase.

Brief History
WIP. Coming, only in note form at the moment.
Lórien or Lothlórien

Eldar, started and most completed the journey to the far west, the Undying Lands, the Blessed Realm.
The Eldar comprise most of the Vanyar, Noldor and Teleri Elves.
Sindar heeded the call but never made it to the Undying Lands also called Grey Elves, also called Elves of the Twilight.
Avari (Unwilling) did not start the Journey, also called The Silvan Elves, Wood Elves.

Eldar Vanyar locations ?
Eldar Noldor locations (Lindon and Rivendell, Galadriel in Lórien)
Eldar Teleri locations ?
Sindar locations, the nobility of Northern Mirkwood, Legolas was a Sindar Prince.
Silvan locations Lórien, Northern Mirkwood

Unit Notes.

Design Notes.
I have taken a design liberty to extrapolate this list on the assumption that Galadriel being of First Age Noldor nobility would be rallying point for any Eldar Vanyar, Noldor and Teleri in Middle Earth to fight the power of Sauron, from her safe haven in the timeless woods of Lórien.  So this selector includes Noldor crafted weapons and armour for the Eldar, like increased longbow range, vorpal like weapons and increased armour protection, couple this with the Elven fast reactions (+1 to hit) so the Eldar Elves have amazing stat lines.

BoFA for the Elven +1 rule.

I would like to thank the Happy Ent on the middle_earth_warmaster Yahoo Groups for his spell list, great minds think alike, since I have used 3 of his 4 spells.

are you using WotR rules as a reference at all?

I ask because of some interests from WotR players for 10mm scale games here:

The Dog:
No I have not read the WotR rules, but from what I hear GW have done their own extrapolating of the original books?

I am trying to stick to the books, but when I did the Lórien and Mirkwood Elven lists, they looked too similar, so I thought I would take an educated guess (OK fantasize) and improve on the Lórien list with some elite 1st age units.

Hmm, Interesting link on Warseer.

The Dog:
Fred and I recently had a game Lorien v Sauron armies, both armies Forced Marched on to the battlefield, so both armies gained an extra 10cm to deploy in, we were 60cm apart.

Fred was the Lorien army, he had a General:10 a named Hero:9 Hero:8+Galadriel+1=:9.  Even with all this command ability the first two turns saw the Lorien army half in the real world and the other half in slumberland, they failed command rolls. (Oh how I cackled.)

Turn 3 they woke up (moved and charged) and I think turn 4 it was all over as the Sauron army had reached its break point of 10.  The two units Eldar Knights and two Eldar Foot Knights units in two turns butchered their way to victory, 10 break point units and 5 Snaga and Orcs units just got in the way (as they are supposed to do).

The Lorien army plays a little like a Chaos army as you would expect with similar stats for the high end units, however this army can shoot as well.

The Lorien army was too devastating and so will be hit by the nurf stick.

As the units have not been costed with +1 to hit and for that matter none of the other special unit rules, for now all units will be increased by 5 points.

The Eldar Knights loose their
If the unit charges against an enemy in the open it receives an additional +1 Attack modifier in the same way as chariots and monsters.
As they already have 4 attacks and don’t need more.

Lorien proved utterly devastating.  I did get slightly concerned on the first couple of moves as 1 brigade had moved forward successfully while the rest of the army watched.

The foot and mounted knights with their 3+ save were incredibly tough and with 4 attacks, and hitting on 3+ on the first round, caused major push backs, so getting even more dice in the second round.

Having a +2 Attack hero, meant he could be thrown into combat to give an additional bonus.

But even the Eldar Longbows proved very tough - on a hill they forced a Warg attack to bounce, even though they missed with all their stand and shoot attacks!!

I also managed to keep my army together on the right-middle of the battle field - which probably help negate the numeric advantage of the Sauron hordes.

While adding +5 pts to each unit is probably reasonable, it will make it even harder to pick an army list, as it was already hard to get to under the points limit due to the high cost of all the units.

One other addition/correction we discuss was to add a note to the Brilliance of Anor spell - Terror causing units do not cause terror when affected by this spell.

A further thought - it will be interesting to see how this list plays against a mainstream WM army as the Sauron army has been defeated several times - so it is hard to judge just how tough this list is, as the Sauron list is probably a bit weak.


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