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Author Topic: DWARF ARMY SELECTOR for Warmaster not BoFA  (Read 2318 times)

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DWARF ARMY SELECTOR for Warmaster not BoFA
« on: August 25, 2010, 09:59:20 PM »
Here is a Middle Earth Selector, it is a Work in Progress.  The Selector is designed to fight other Warmaster armies.

For the Third Age 3018-3019, the War of the Ring, including, The Iron Hills & Erebor – the Lonely Mountain.

TROOP                   Type            Atk    Hit  Armour  Command  Unit  Points    Min/ Special
                                                                     Size  Per Unit  Max
Scouts                  Infantry        3/30    4     5+               3     100     -/4       
Warriors                Infantry        3       4     4+               3     110     2/-       
Household Warriors      Infantry        3       4     3+      +1       3     150     -/1    *1
Light Bolt Thrower      Artillery       1/3:40  2                      2      55 }          *2
Heavy Bolt Thrower      Artillery       1/1:40  2                      2      65 }   -/2    *3
Stone Thrower           Artillery       1/3:60  3                      1      75 }          *4
King or General         General         +2                    10             155     1*       
Named Hero              Hero            +2                    9:60           125     -/1    *5
Hero                    Hero            +1                    8:60            80     -/2       
Combat Artefact         Special Item    +1                                   +10     -/1    *6
Shooting Artefact       Special Item    -/+1                                 +10            *6

Axes of the Dwarves.  At the beginning of a new combat a unit of Warriors or Household Warriors can choose to fight as their printed stat line as above or declare “Axes of the Dwarves”.  With Axes of the Dwarves, Warriors or Household Warriors increase their attacks to 4 and decrease their amour saves by 1. So, Warriors have 4 Atk, 4 Hits, 5+ Amour save.  Household Warriors have 4 Atk, 4 Hits, 4+ Amour save.
This represents the Dwarves putting their shields on their backs and grimly wielding their axes two handed.

All Warriors and Household Warriors if only fighting to the front of the stand automatically count as supported in combat.

All friendly and enemy spells hitting or targeting a Dwarf unit, suffer -1 to the casting dice roll.
All friendly and enemy spells hitting or targeting a unit in combat with a Dwarf unit, suffer -1 to the casting dice roll.
Remember the Magic rules say that “The score required is sometimes modified but, regardless of any modifier, a dice roll of 1 always fails and a roll of 6 always succeeds.”

1. Household Warriors.  Add +1 to their Command rolls when they receive a command. (This +1 does not stack.)  They can't be driven back by shooting and do not roll for drive backs.

2. Light Bolt Thrower. Use the High Elf Bolt Thrower rules but, it does not receive the +1 to hit.

3. Heavy Bolt Thrower. Use the Undead Bone Thrower rules.

4. Stone Thrower. Use the Orc Rock Lobber rules.

5. Named Hero. Like Thorin If the General is killed the game does not end automatically as would normally.  One of the named Heroes is promoted and becomes the General, (with a battlefield command radius), immediately.  If there is no named hero or the named hero is killed the game ends as normal.

6. Combat & Shooting Artefacts.  These can be added to any unit or character.  They only add to a units combat or shooting attack and not to each stand.  Only one Artefact can be given to a unit or Character and a unit can only benefit from one Artefact per turn.

Brief History

Unit Notes
Household Warriors
Combat & Shooting Artefacts. These represent the family heirlooms, treasures or artefacts, they appear to have almost magical qualities but are really superbly crafted or engineered items.

Design Notes
Combat & Shooting Artefacts are probably best given to Characters because they can join units and be in the thick of “things” quickly.

As Warriors or Household Warriors count as supported in combat if fighting enemy to their front you should take of advantage of this Army rule and fight in line formation.  It is possible to fight with a brigade of 4 units all in line, however holes will soon appear in the brigade battle line, so per brigade, 2 units in line with 2 units in line behind them is possibly the best mix.

Axes of the Dwarves is probably best used against "light troops" like Orcs/Goblins who only have 2 attacks and light armour and so will not pose much of a threat.

About the Dwarves of Dain:
"Each one of his folk was clad in a hauberk of steel mail that hung to his knees, and his legs were covered with hose of a fine and flexible metal mesh.... In battle they wielded heavy two-handed mattocks; but each of them had also a short broad sword at his side and a round shield slung at his back. Their beards were forked and plaited and thrust into their belts. Their caps were of iron and they were shod with iron, and their faces were grim."
— The Hobbit