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Author Topic: GONDOR ARMY SELECTOR for Warmaster not BoFA  (Read 2501 times)

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Here is another Middle Earth Selector, it is a Work in Progress. The Selector is designed to fight other Warmaster armies.

For the Third Age from the Fall of Osgiliath TA2475-3019 including the War of the Ring.

TROOP                   Type            Atk    Hit  Armour  Command  Unit  Points    Min/ Special
                                                                     Size  Per Unit  Max
Militia                 Infantry        2       3     0      -1r       3      25      -/8   *1
Infantry                Infantry        3       3     6+      -        3      45      2/-        
Longbowmen              Infantry        2/32    3     6+      -        3      55      -/4        
Spearmen                Infantry        3       3     5+      -        3      60      2/-   *2
Ithilien Rangers        Infantry        3/32    3     6+     +1        3      75      -/2   *3
Scouts                  Cavalry         2/15a   3     6+      -        3      60      -/2   *4
Cavalry                 Cavalry         3       3     5+      -        3      90      -/4      
Knights of Dol Amroth   Cavalry         3       3     4+     +1        3     125      -/2   *5
Steward or his son      General         +2                   9               125      1*        
Aragorn                 General         +3                   10              175            *6r
Named Hero              Hero            +2                   9:60            125      -/1   *7
Captain                 Hero            +1                   8:60             80      -/2        
Citadel Guard           Infantry        3       3     4+     +1        3      80      -/1   *8r

a=all round shooting
r=restrictions apply - see special rules.

Spearmen and Citadel Guard can form a Shieldwall.
Shieldwall.  Infantry in the Open must pass a successful command roll to form into a Shieldwall, with all the usual Command modifiers. All attacks to the front edge of a Shieldwall count as being in defended cover, so a 5+ to hit is required not the usual 4+. If a unit in a Shieldwall moves, for whatever reason, it looses its Shieldwall bonus.

Longbowmen and Ithilien Rangers are armed with Longbows, they have a range of 32cm otherwise they are as bows.

1. Militia.  Militia suffer -1 Command penalty when given an order.  (This -1 does not stack.)   However, this penalty is waived if the Militia unit is part of a brigade that includes at least one non-Militia unit.  Militia cannot use initiative to charge – though they can use initiative to evade as usual.  When they charge they receive no bonus attack modifier for doing so.

2. Spearmen. Gondorian Spearmen can form a Shieldwall.

3. Ithilien Rangers. Gain +1 Command bonus when given an order, if all the units in the brigade are +1 to Command. (This +1 does not stack.)  Ithilien Rangers always count as being in defended cover when in Dense Terrain, also they do not suffer -1 to Command when in Dense Terrain.  Ithilien Rangers do not have to shoot at the nearest target.

4. Scouts.  Are allowed to shoot as if it had bows but the range is reduced to 15cm. Scouts can shoot behind or to the side as well as to the front. Just measure the range from any stand edge, front, side or rear. They can therefore shoot at enemy charging them from any direction.

5. Knights of Dol Amroth.  Gain +1 Command bonus when given an order, if all the units in the brigade are +1 to Command. (This +1 does not stack.)  If the unit charges against an enemy in the open it receives an additional +1 Attack modifier in the same way as chariots and monsters. They can't be driven back by shooting and do not roll for drive backs.

6. Aragorn, can only be used with your opponents agreement.  Aragorn has “divine” luck, he may re-roll any one dice that he rolls per turn, so usually a Command or Attack roll.  He is armed with Narsil/Andúril a re-forged First Age sword that cut the Ring from Saurons finger.  Aragorn has +3 attacks if these hit then the enemy has no armour saves from these hits.

7. Named Hero. Like Boromir, Faramir or Imrahil. If the General is killed the game does not end automatically as would normally.  One of the named Heroes is promoted and becomes the General, (with a battlefield command radius), immediately.  If there is no named hero or the named hero is killed the game ends as normal.

8. Citadel Guard, can only be used in the defence of Minas Tirith.  Citadel Guard gain +1 command bonus when given an order. (This +1 does not stack.)  Citadel Guard can form a Shieldwall.

Brief History
Gondorian men are classified by the Elves as Men of Light.
Those men staying in the Far East are called by the Elves the Men of Darkness, Easterlings & Haradrim.  Those men that travelled west into Rhovanion (Men of Dale & Rohirrim) and west again into Eriador (Men of Bree) called by the Elves the Men of Twilight.  Those men that travelling over the Erid Luin into Beleriand in the First Age are called by the Elves the Men of Light.

The Men of Light were given a new homeland, the Isle of Númenór given to them by the Valar (Gods) in SA32, after the destruction of their homelands in Beleriand, but more importantly for their valour and faithfulness in the War of the Great Jewels at the end of the First Age.

Númenór was destroyed by the Valar in SA3319, the survivors were Elendil, his sons Isildur and Anarion and a small following in four ships, called the Faithful who sailed to Lindon.  The other survivors were the Faithful of Lindon and Pelargir.  The Black Númenóreans of Umbar and Harad also survived.  Elendil’s sword was called Narsil.

The Faithful or Númenóreans or The Dunadain or Gondorians they are the same people.  The Dunadain were superior to other men, they were tall, with black hair and grey eyes.  They lived for 150-200 years, they came to adulthood later than other men at 20-30 years.  They usually possessed great wisdom and discernment and occasionally foresight.

Gondor had five major cities, from east to west they are;
Minas Ithil, the tower of the moon, was lost to Sauron in TA2002, renamed Minas Morgul
Osgilath, citadel of the stars, built on both banks of the Great River Anduin, its two parts were joined by a stone bridge, was lost to Sauron in TA2475 and the bridge was destroyed.
Minas Arnor, tower of the sun, renamed Minas Tirith in 2002 after the fall of Minas Ithil.
Pelagir, port
Dol Amroth, port

Unit Notes
Militia, are the town and city folk usually fighting in the defence of their homes, they are ideal for manning the defences.

Ithilien Rangers

Knights of Dol Amroth. The Dunedain of this city were said to have Elven blood in their veins.  The Princes of Dol Amroth had as their heraldry a Ship, Silver Swan on a blue background.  Other cities would have fielded knights but for convince they come under this category, as the Knights of Dol Amroth fielded the most.

Citadel Guard, had helms of mithril.

Design Notes
The “Spearmen” in line with “Infantry” behind in line, should form the centre of your formation, the Spearmen then form a Shieldwall when required.  The Rangers and cavalry should form up on the flanks of the Spearmen centre.
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