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Author Topic: GANDALF ARMY SELECTOR for Warmaster not BoFA  (Read 2629 times)

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Here is another Middle Earth Selector, it is a Work in Progress. The Selector is designed to fight other Warmaster armies.

Gandalf Army Selector v.1
TA1000(Arrived in Middle Earth)-TA3021(left Middle Earth)

TROOP                    Type             Atk    Hit  Armour  Command  Unit  Points    Min/  Special
                                                                       Size  Per Unit  Max
Gandalf the Grey         Special Wizard   +2                    +1            100      -/1*    *1
Mearas like Shadowfax    Special Mount    0                                    +5      -/1*    *2
Giant Eagles             Monster          2       3     6+              3      40      -/1     *3
Gandalf the White        Special Wizard   +3                    +1            150      -/1*    *4r

r=restrictions apply - see special rules.

Gandalf is almost a one man army and will fight on the side of “good” against any “evil”. Although he will not appear on the “Good” Selectors he will aid you and join your force for the appropriate point’s value.

1. Gandalf the Grey TA1000-Jan 3019. There can only be one Gandalf, no matter what size the armies.
Gandalf can cast spells like a Wizard.  Gandalf cannot be given any more magic items. He can re-roll a failed spell on any dice result except a 1. If a spell is failed because a 1 is rolled then no re-roll is permitted.
Gandalf wears one of the three Elven rings of Power, Narya(Fire), this confers +1 to all casting dice and also makes Gandalf and the unit he has joined immune to all harmful fire based spells.  Note, an unmodified dice roll of 1 always fails.
Gandalf is armed with a sword Glamdring also called Foe-hammer. Gandalf has +2 attacks if these hit then the enemy has no armour saves from these hits.
Gandalf cannot issue commands, but any one character he stands next to will benefit from his wisdom by adding +1 to that characters Command Value to a maximum of 10.

2. Mearas. (like Shadowfax.) A Special Mount that can move 100cm, instead of the usual 60cm.  Note this is like a common mount and is treated the same way as characters on foot as per the standard character rules.  Only Gandalf can ride a Mearas.

3. Giant Eagles.  Giant Eagles can fly. They fly as one brigade on to the table from any table edge on turn 4 in the order phase and this counts, as their first order, this is why they only cost 40 points. Giant Eagles cannot be given magic items.  Giant Eagles are based along the short base edge in the same way as other monsters.  The Giant Eagles can only be used if Gandalf is selected.

4. Gandalf the White TA Feb 3019-3021. Gandalf the White can only be used with your opponents agreement.  Use Gandalf the White Selector stats use all the special rules of Gandalf the Grey, but he may not re-roll failed spells, in addition he can cast any spell on a roll of 2-6.  Note the extra attack and remember to use Glamdring’s armour bypass rule for 3 attacks.

Gandalf’s Spells

FLAME OF ANOR (Sun) (MONSTER BEAR! from the Kislev list)
5+ to cast, Range Self
The wizard burns with the light of the sun and hurls himself into the enemy’s ranks.
The wizard can cast this spell on himself if he has joined a unit that is engaged in combat. The spell lasts for the duration of the following Combat phase.  The joined unit causes terror and the wizard gains a further +2 Attack bonus that he adds to the unit in the usual way.  
To be clear Gandalf adds +4 Attacks:  +2 as Gandalf and +2 from Flame of Anor, but these +4 attacks and only these +4 attacks have no armour save because of the sword Glamdring.

5+ to cast, Range 30cm, no LoS
A radiant light shines forth upon the Mage’s companions filling them with magical vigour.
This spell affects every friendly unit within range. The spell lasts for the duration of the following Combat phase. Every unit and every character that has joined a unit gains a bonus +1 attack. These attacks can be allocated to any stand in the unit and can be allocated to a different stand in each combat round.

VOICE OF COMMAND (from the Empire list)
5+ to cast, Range 30cm, no LoS
The Wizard's voice booms out across the battlefield directing troops above the tumult of combat with the magical Voice of Command.
The spell can be cast on any unengaged friendly unit within range regardless of whether the Wizard can see it or not. The spell affects only a single unit, never a brigade. The unit can be moved just as if it had received an order in the Command phase. Character stands that have joined the unit will not move with it: they remain where they are.

BRILLANCE OF ANOR (from my Void, it’s a new spell)
6+ to hit, Radius 30cm, no LoS
A brilliant aura of light like the Sun shines on the Dark Powers minions, forcing them to cower in terror.
This spell affects every enemy unit within radius of the Wizard that does not cause Terror, causing them to be terrified, -1 to their combat attacks. The spell lasts for the duration of the following Combat phase.

Unit Notes
Gandalf Olórin was “born” a Maia of Manwë and Varda, Olorin took the name Gandalf.  Gandalf and the other four Istari of his order, were sent to Middle-Earth in about TA1000. They were limited to the form of old men with white hair wearing pointed hats and a Wizards Staff. They were commanded to aid Elves, Dwarfs and Men through counsel and not to use force to dominate them. They landed in the northwest at the Grey Havens, Círdan (a Nolder Elf) entrusted Gandalf with the Red Ring, Narya, (Ring of Fire) to aid him in his struggle with Sauron.  Gandalf had saved Gwaihir the Windlord from a poisoned arrow and Gwaihir repaid this debt many times over personally and by aiding Gandalf in times of need, leading his eagles to fight the common enemy.  In 2941 Gandalf found Glamdring, Foe-hammer in a Troll horde, this sword was forged in the First Age, and worn by the king of Gondolin  it was over 6,000 years old.

Shadowfax was Lord of the Mearas, a wild herd of horses.  The Mearas lived in Northern Middle-earth.  They live as long as men, are intelligent and have extra ordinary speed and endurance.  They have been the willing mounts of Rohirrim Kings and Princes for over 500 years.  As Gandalf had befriended Shadowfax, Shadowfax carried Gandalf to the Shire and to Gondor and into battle.

Giant Eagles lived in the northern Misty Mountains near the High Pass leading from Rivendell and also very near Goblin Town.  Giant Eagles since the first age have been the spies and messengers of the gods.  Manwë, Gandalf’s “father”, had "sent forth" to Middle-earth the Giant Eagles to spy on Morgoth and later Sauron.  As the Eagles always seem to appear on queue to save the day they always appear on turn 4.  These eagles are based facing the short edge just like High Elf Eagles.
Giant Eagles are WM High Elf Giant Eagles.

Gandalf the White. Gandalf killed the Balrog and it fell and broke the mountain side, but the Balrog also mortally wounded Gandalf who lay dead on the peaks mountain side.  Gwaihir carried his body to Lórien where his “blessed” spirit was reunited with his body.  His body was healed and re-clothed in white robes by the Lady Galadriel.  Gandalf the Grey became the resurrected Gandalf the White.

I would like to thank the Happy Ent on the middle_earth_warmaster Yahoo Groups for his spell list, great minds think alike, since I have used 3 of his 4 spells.
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