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The Arbitrator General:
The purpose of this area is to discuss the actual, physical, and official Necromunda Rules.  Here is a list of items and sources for reference that will be used as official at this time.  Feel free to start threads about issues that you may have AFTER you have read the most current Answer Mod FAQ.

Core Rules:
   Online Rulebook
   Answer Moderation Errata, FAQ, NRC Findings

   Attack Dogs (FO21)
   Bestiary (FO53, FO54, FO55)
   Blind-Fighting (FM4)
   Event Deck (FO83)
   In-Hive Vehicles (FO94)
   Leadership (FM2)
   Lesser Houses (FO40)
   Outlaw Rules (FM6)
   Outlaw Trading Post (FM5 - with ratskin Article)
   Ratskin Tribes (FO52)
   Special Actions (FO81)
   Treacherous Conditions (FM4)

Gang Rules
   Ash Waste Nomads (FO31)
   Enforcers (FM1)
   Necromunda Traders (FO24)
   Ratskin Renegades (FM5)
   Redemptionists (FO73)
   Scavvies (FM9)
   Spyrers (FM2)

Hired Guns
   Forgotten Guns (FO86)
   Phanta Claws (FO44)
   Preacher (FO19)
   Wyrds (FM7)

Special Characters
   Special Characters (FO59)

   2007 SCneario Competition (FO92)
   Captive Audience (FO85)
   Dog Fights (FO27)
   Fight Before Fistmas (FO86)
   Fitmas Fighting 0 Christmas 2007
   Get Rich or Die Tryin' (FO47)
   Package (FO57)
   Slaughterball (FO66)

Campaign Rules
   Chaos Gate (FO71, FO72)
   Dust Falls (FM8,FM10,FO?)
   Hoard (FO78)

Experimental Rules
      Precinct Gang Rules
      Hired Guns - Specialists
      Scneario - Precinct Assault
   Necromunda Skills V2.0
   Pit Slaves

   Alenan Town (FO37)
   Martyr Town (FO35)
   Paradise City (FO75)
   Scum City - Director's Cut (FO45)
   Sludge Harbour (FO34)
   Teh Chasms (FO36)

   Ash Waste Vehicle Design (FO98)

   The Ash Wastes (FO93)

   Necromunda Tactics (FO99)

I could not find how to respond to that topic, hence this new thread.
In several postings on EF I have clashed over what I call Rules-As-Holy-Writ. With this I refer to the opinion: it is written in the rules thus this is how to play the game. Ppl who adher to this point of view do acknowledge that rules are sometimes very confusing and sometimes far from clear, even illogic. Hence things like FAQ, Errata, and-so-on. The reason to take this point of view is usually explained with: An official question is asked, so an official answer is given.
In forementioned topic I read a lot of docs which are considered the official rules. I tend to say: no thank you, not for me.
Let's have a look to the list under Core Rules. The Online Rulebook, obviously. Then Errata and something called NRC Findings(what's that, and where can I find this?)
The ORB, which I knew as LRB(Living Rulebook), but what's in a name 8), is rather structured. The Errata also, but very different from the ORB. Which makes relating the ORB to Errata difficult to say the least. I dunno about this third item, but it boils down to needing to memorize 3 docs, or at least have such knowledge that you know where to look fore some rule or explaination.
Then there are all the other listed items, quite a lot of 'rules'. In short, this is way too much and a good way to ruin a wonderful game. If you wish to play official tournaments, then rules and interpretation of rules is extremely important. AFAIK such tournaments do not exist or are very rare occasions indeed. The other reason can be playing games with what I dub RulesLawyers, players who look for loopholes and often play the game with the attitude: look what I have found what I can do according the rules!

How to improve this?
First and foremost: if we/The ABG/GWS feel the rules need to be changed or clarified: MAKE A NEW LRB!
That is IMO why you have an Online Rulebook: you can change the rules easily, everybody can get these rules, there is only 1 place where you can get the rules, not 3 or more docs.
Would the LRB become very big? Sure, but it is that already. The total amount of pages or electronic size will not change, however.
Dealing with Ruleslawyers is very simple. I have encountered such ppl 2 or 3 times. I played the game according to their interpretation of the rules and never invited them again to play. Since in our gaming group I mostly organize games this means I never have to meet known Ruleslawyers again.

I our gaming group we use the original rules and we have yet to use Errata or such. We have no problems with playing only according these rules. As it is now, for me only the ORB are the official rules. You use Errata only if you encounter a problem and need clarification.

So, ABG, how do you think about this?



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