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Necromunda Restart in Germany - A couple of questions

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Hey, everyone who is still on this board!

Boy, no new threads for a good 6 month... I hope someone is still alive in here :-D
A couple of my friends and I have recently started a new Necromunda Campaign here in Düsseldorf, Germany (coincidentally, the hometown of GW Germany ^^). We were able to aquire an ancient Necromunda Box in perfect condition, unearth my buildings and minis alike and have already mustered the Gangs!
And while the Specialist Games Rules Update is certainly great work (thanks for support guys, we appreciate it!), we'll probably stick to the basic rule-set, for tradition's sake and old Orlock miniatures.
Still, we're currently deciding on which new rules should be incorporated, and discuss the usefulness of a number of houserules and special scenarios we've found online.

This is pretty much the first question!
Do you have any recommendations, which new rules are worth a look? Anything you can recommend?

In general, "bringing the Gangs together" proved to be a hasslefree task, but we have a Scavvy player in our group, who's a bit worried about the number of miniatures in a gang, and the required number of "Scavvies" in general. And here's question #2:

The rules say:
"Recruitment. Unsurprisingly enough, Scavvies always make up the bulk of a Scawy gang. To represent this, at least half of the models in the gang must be Scavvies (not mutants)."

His Gang currently consits of:

1 x Scavvy Boss
2 x Scaly
4 x Scavvy (without mutations)
5 x Scavvy Mutant (with 5 different mutations)
12 - charakters in total

Is this a legit gang set-up, or does he need to a) reduce the number of Mutants, or, contraiwise, b) raise the number of regular Scavvies OR push them out into the toxic waste, because Scavvy Gangs suck big-time anyways, and he'll never win a single game.

That's all for now; as soon as we're ready, I'll post some pics of our Gangs, alright?

He would either have to reduce his number of mutants and/or increase his number of regular scavvies. The new version of the scavvy gang rules (in the Necromunda section of GW's site) state "To represent this, at least half the models (not counting Mutants, Plague Zombies, Scavvy Dogs, or Ghouls)...". This clarifies that mutants are "not" scavvies, per se. Incidentally, if you are sticking to the classic scavvy rules, his gang could wind up being the greatest threat in your game (the one scavvy gang I played ended at around 60+ guys) since they are extremely easy to "game".
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick reply!
My thoughts exactly, his other question was if the Boss counts towards the "Scavvy" level of the gang.
To me, the text refers to the "class" -Scavvy- and not the "race" of the mini.

Basically if the rule is under the "class" then it refers to that type of model, at least that's how my groups always saw it. He should think of the Boss, Scalies and Mutants as 'elite' units/models and the regular scavvies as the grunts (which is really all they are at the beginning).

Im using the original rules myself and the only rule that we have changed is the one concerning sustained fire as in the rule book you roll to hit before rolling to see how many shots you get we have changed it so you roll how many shots you get then roll that many dice to hit. I changed this as im in the military and know that if your shooting a machine gun that if you point it in the right direction then let rip ur bound to hit something so felt this rule helped keep it near to real life


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