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Author Topic: The Battle of the Cold Passage  (Read 1700 times)

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The Battle of the Cold Passage
« on: March 08, 2010, 07:46:46 PM »
Cold Passage.

Elkerlyc and I decided, after the AdMech-Chaos engagement to do a quick scenario. The choice was pretty fast made as I pointed out the Cold Passage scenario. Suggesting a scenario that is based on the Bismarck to someone who is into Flames of War is always a good choice. ;)

He took the Chaos part and I the Imperial Navy part, lacking models we proxied the following:
AdMech Retribution as the Victory.
AdMech Lunar as the Invincible fast battleship
Admech Endeavour as the Dauntless

In the scenario are two ommissions: 1) who starts and 2) the Dauntless armament. We decided to give the Dauntless torpedoes and Chaos went first...

Chaos :
Chaos Lord Aratah (Ld 8, 1 re-roll)
Soul of Hate - Desolator Class Battleship.
Tormentation - Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser (Ld 7)

Imperial Navy :
Fleet Admiral Draconis (Ld 8, 2 re-rolls)
Huud - Invincible Class Fast Battleship
Prince Issus - Victory Class Battleship (Ld 6, batteries right column shift, lances hit on 5+)
Faithful - Dauntless Class Light Cruiser (Ld 8)

The Pictures will say more then words of this quick & cool engagement. But just as the historical happening the Huud went down in a lot of flames (hull breached) through gunnery and torps from the Desolator, in only a few turns! The Repulsive in the meanwhile had destroyed the Dauntless in one turn. However torps from the Dauntless and an attack from the Victory made it happen that the shields on the Desolator collapsed! Relentless gunnery from the Victory did manage to take the Desolator down to 4 hits. In the last turn the Desolator managed to make a (cool) all ahead full special order spot on the warp gate.

So at the end a roll was needed to determine the, end, the 4 remaining hits meant that a 4+ from the Imperial side was needed to 'destroy' the Desolator....roll....4!!!

The Pictures:

Hull breached!